This is a list of names from the IS9 Files series at the UK National Archives
The information comes from work done by John Howes
The files are listed (more or less) by the suffix of their file numbers
These documents were located during searches at the National Archives but it would seem that no final IS9 sequential number was issued. Some men were only briefly interviewed by IS9 and sent for a full interview by MI9 at a later date, in which case an MI9 reference would have been issued. Sometimes these are cross-referenced on the IS9 document.
In all cases where an MI9 file reference is also given this should be consulted
This page updated 20 May 2010
8/535/ Sgt George E Chappell 640 Sqn Halifax LW464
8/531/ Sgt Robert H Haynes 166 Sqn Lancaster ME749
8/530/ Sgt William T Viollet 166 Sqn Lancaster LL743
8/527/- Sgt Phillip N King 207 Sqn Lancaster ND556
8/526/ F/O A E Vidler 218 Sqn Stirling LJ448
8/524/ 1 Lt Dirk P Roosenburg Dutch Army
8/514/ Cpl J P Bilski 1st Canadian Army - 6th Airborne
8/212/ Major F Mousseau Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal
8/180/ Sgt Arthur Pritchard 97 Sqn Lancaster ND764
8/171/ WO Leslie J Sutton 514 Sqn Lancaster LL727
1/104/ Sgt W T Johnson 50 Sqn Lancaster LL922 See MI9 2263
8/510 Sgt R R Bartley Glider Pilot Regiment
8/173/- F/Sgt Ronald Fox 514 Sqn Lancaster LL727
8/187/- Sgt David R Arundel 158 Sqn Halifax LV790
8/532/- P/O Garnett T Harrison RAAF 166 Sqn Lancaster ME749 See also IS9 8/529/2361
8/533/- 1st Sgt Henri Gras 2nd French Armoured Division
8/192/- F/Lt Neil D Nimmo 101 Sqn Lancaster DV288
1/99 F/Lt J O Carpenter 132 Sqn Spitfire MH972 See MI9 2266
8/170 Capt Gerard W Cote 27 Canadian Armoured Regt
1/83 F/O A A Dilworth RCAF 106 Sqn Lancaster LM641 See MI9 2999
8/172/- F/Sgt Eric G Rippingale 514 Sqn Lancaster LL727
8/216/- F/Lt Arthur S Ross RCAF 193 Sqn Typhoon MN700 See MI9 3056
8/189/- F/Sgt Charles J Singer 90 Sqn Stirling EF147
8/171/- WO Leslie J Sutton 514 Sqn Lancaster LL727
8/526/- F/O Antony E Vidler 218 Sqn Stirling LJ448
AIS/CMF/SKP 4488 F/O N M Wicks RAF
1/96/- F/Sgt Arthur R Meredith RCAF 50 Sqn Lancaster LL922 See MI9 2352
8/160/- Sgt Cyril Muskin 298 Sqn See MI9 1965 (Lewis)
8/179/- F/Sgt John R Nurse RAAF 115 Sqn Lancaster HK548
1/98/- Lt M Peruse 2 Cdn Air FMR
1/103/- Pte J Zywiczynski 8 Bn Anti Tank Polish Armd Div
6/452/1566 Sgt Stanley Fenney 44 Sqn Lancaster ME634
1/412/3055 L/Cpl Gordon L Harris Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
1/424/3058 F/Lt Richard W Jones RCAF 3 Sqn Tempest EJ895 See MI9 3000
1/426/3060 F/O Philip Pochailo RCAF 166 Sqn Lancaster ND579 See MI9 3001