This is a list of names from the IS9 Files series at the UK National Archives
Folder WO208/3349
The information comes from work done by John Howes
The files are listed (more or less) by the suffix of their file numbers
Please note there is no guarantee that these files will be found in this folder - and if not then it's certainly worth looking in the Alphabetical Series WO 208/5405 5436 (see National Archives Military Information Research Guide 20: Prisoners of War, British: 1939-1953) Please also note that the middle numbers often run sequentially in the IS9 WEA reference, which can be useful for identifying people that escaped together; for example 2/8/9, 2/10/10 and 2/9/11. In these cases the first part of the number (2) is thought to refer to the IS9 team, the second part (8, 10, 9) is their local reference. The final part of the number (9, 10, 11) was allocated at a later stage. Often one of these reports may contain all the information which the others simply adopted
In all cases where an MI9 file reference is also given this should be consulted
This page updated 22 June 2020
2/156/346 F/O G A J Bain RCAF 576 Sqn Lancaster ME811  
2/157/347 Sgt T A Mitchell 576 Sqn Lancaster ME811  
2/167/348 W/Cmdr J K MacDonald 432 Sqn Halifax NP687  
2/169/349 L/Sgt L G Ballard 44 RTR  
2/170/350 L/Cpl W T McLeod Essex Scottish Regt  
2/173/351 Sgt Wasylkow RCAF 429 Sqn Halifax MZ362  
2/174/352 Sgt H E Oakeby 432 Sqn Halifax NP706  
2/177/353 WO F J Dumont 324 Sqn Boston BZ390  
2/185/354 Major Lord Davies 6 Royal Welch Fusiliers  
2/84/363 P/O Jean L J C Croquet 349 Sqn Spitfire AB175 See also IS9 8/100/102
2/86/364 F/Lt George B Murray RCAF 401 Sqn Spitfire MJ246  
2/103/365 F/Sgt Dennis Pepall 218 Sqn Stirling LJ448  
2/158/366 F/Sgt D B Hyde RCAF 622 Sqn Lancaster LL828  
2/171/367 Pte Leslie Spencer Graham Moore South Saskatchewan Regt  
2/192/368 F/Sgt W T Mrozohski 306 (P) Sqn Mustang FZ144  
2/202/369 F/Lt J B Purkis 263 Sqn Typhoon MN878  
2/244/370 F/O Anthony V Hargreaves RCAF 122 Sqn Mustang FB107  
2/159/371 F/Sgt Charles H T Martin 9 Sqn Lancaster LM361  
2/191/372 F/Lt J L Campbell RCAF 416 Sqn Spitfire MJ141  
2/193/373 F/Lt D H Evans RCAF 411 Sqn Spitfire MK462  
2/198/374 Sgt F Bailey 405 Sqn Lancaster ND344  
2/206/375 Sq/Ldr I F Kennedy RCAF 401 Sqn Spitfire MK311  
2/227/376 F/O C C Leigh RCAF 182 Sqn Typhoon MN193  
2/246/377 F/Lt D M McDuff RCAF 442 Sqn Spitfire ML152  
8/205/378 F/O Kenneth J Sheppardson 640 Sqn Halifax LW464  
8/163/379 F/O L W A Frame RCAF 419 Sqn Lancaster KB718  
8/239/380 Sgt Hume P Ritchie RCAF 630 Sqn Lancaster LM537 See MI9 2819
8/162/381 Sgt Philip P Barclay 419 Sqn Lancaster KB718  
8/165/382 F/O W C Watson RCAF 419 Sqn Lancaster KB718  
8/151/383 1 Lt L Koppac (Jugoslavian)    
8/224/384 Sgt E Hindley 57 Sqn Lancaster PD212  
8/227/385 F/Sgt J N Hanton 57 Sqn Lancaster PD212  
8/215/386 Sgt J A Miller 102 Sqn Halifax NA502  
8/233/387 F/O S W Gerrard RCAF 426 Sqn Halifax LW198  
8/225/388 F/O D J H Littlejohn 57 Sqn Lancaster PD212  
8/188/389 F/Sgt Harold Squires 158 Sqn Halifax LV790  
8/190/390 F/Sgt C W Walmsley RCAF 90 Sqn Stirling EF417  
8/232/391 F/Sgt David MacInnes RCAF 426 Sqn Halifax LW198  
2/247/392 F/Sgt B M Vassilades 19 Sqn Mustang FB116  
2/398/401 Rev Alan M Fairweather Att'd 7 Black Watch  
2/197/421 Sgt H Braithwate RCAF 405 Sqn Lancaster ND344  
8/253/423 F/Sgt Ernest Couchman 630 Sqn Lancaster LM117  
8/234/424 Sgt Frederick J D Taylor 57 Sqn Lancaster JB318 See MI9 2167
8/267/425 Sgt Kenneth L D McCoy RCAF 612 Sqn Lancaster ND964  
8/240/426 F/Sgt Charles E Ratchford RCAF 619 Sqn Lancaster LL969  
8/258/427 F/O Sydney M Garlick 12 Sqn Lancaster LM514 See MI9 3122
8/259/428 F/Lt L G Foley 83 Sqn Lancaster JB402  
8/209/429 F/Sgt J Morris RCAF 419 Sqn Lancaster KB718  
8/210/430 P/O Charles A Tidy 3 Sqn Typhoon MN188  
8/226/431 F/O W A Nicholls 57 Sqn Lancaster PD212  
8/208/432 Sgt A E B Metcalf 207 Sqn Lancaster ME805  
8/206/433 F/Sgt J Derham 625 Sqn Lancaster LM139  
8/195/434 F/Lt John H Coller 10 Sqn Halifax LV858 See MI9 2230
7/97/435 F/Sgt L Hood 582 Sqn Lancaster ND921  
7/92/436 F/Lt T J Latus 619 Sqn Lancaster ME745  
7/93/437 Sgt W A Clark 619 Sqn Lancaster ME745  
8/140/439 Sgt Walter R Pryer 44 Sqn Lancaster ME634 See MI9 2118
8/141/440 Sgt J D Murrie 9 Sqn Lancaster JA957  
8/159/442 F/O J D Siddall RCAF 427 Sqn Halifax LW166  
8/149/445 F/O Donald F Hay RCAF 429 Sqn Halifax MZ302  
MB/449 F/O Dudley C Gibbons 166 Sqn Lancaster LM388 See MI9 2526
MB/450 F/O Y K Carter RCAF 433 Sqn Halifax LV839 See MI9 2969
MB/451 F/O Bruce W Brittain RAAF 630 Sqn Lancaster LM117 See MI9 2872
MB/452 F/O Mark W Edgerley RAAF 467 Sqn Lancaster R5485 See MI9 2896
MB/453 Sgt D A Grant RCAF 630 Sqn Lancaster LM117  
MB/457 Sgt W F Marshall RAAF 467 Sqn Lancaster R5485  
MB/458 F/O J B Armstrong RCAF 582 Sqn Lancaster ND910  
MB/465 F/Sgt William R Knaggs 106 Sqn Lancaster LL975  
MB/466 F/Sgt W Leary 630 Sqn Lancaster ME796  
MB/467 F/Sgt Allan R Harpell RCAF 49 Sqn Lancaster JB473 See MI9 2901
MB/481 Sgt H S Chappell 9 Sqn Lancaster LL787  
MB/483 F/O D W Cottee RAAF 619 Sqn Lancaster ME745  
MB/489 F/Sgt K Hunter 83 Sqn Lancaster JB402 See MI9 2887
6/302/491 Gnr T B Price 127 Field Regt RA  
6/301/492 Gnr S W Mulhearn 127 Field Regt RA  
MB/493 P/O Geoffrey G M Gage 431 Sqn Halifax MZ522  
2/400/493 P/O N T Owen 57 Sqn Lancaster JB370 See MI9 2745 & IS9 2/402/1050
2/409/495 WO Stephen S Adams RAAF 467 Sqn Lancaster LM219  
2/410/496 Sgt William Robinson 44 Sqn Lancaster ME699  
2/411/497 F/O R N Hooper RAAF 463 Sqn Lancaster LM497  
2/415/498 Sgt J Petsche RCAF 434 Sqn Halifax LW713  
2/416/499 F/Lt K J Stevens RAAF 57 Sqn Lancaster JB370  
2/347/500 F/Sgt Angus J Macaulay 103 Sqn Lancaster JB732  
7/73/547 Pte Hermanes Daniels 2nd Div Works Op SA Corps  
7/74/548 Pte Johnny Van Heeriden THA 3rd Field Regt SA Corps  
7/75/549 Pte Willima Magiba 5 Bn Artillery South African Corps  
7/76/550 Pte John April Border Regt South African Corps  
7/77/551 Pte Marugoe Jan Kgapula 2nd Bn Native Military Police SAC  
7/78/552 Pte Aron Zvani Transvaal Regt SA Corps  
7/79/553 Pte Moussa Ayed Autle 607 Coy Transjordan Troops  
7/80/554 Pte Kalibel Samati 607 Coy Transjordan Troops  
7/81/555 Pte Kalil Hessin Assi 604 Coy Palestine Troops  
7/82/556 Cpl Kenneth Fritz 4th Field Bty South African  
7/83/557 Pte William Botes 2nd AA 4th Bty South African  
6/90/769 Capt R Sassard 345 Sqn Spitfire W3771  
8/158/876 WO Archibald N Durham RAAF 514 Sqn Lancaster DS822