This is a list of names from the IS9 Files series at the UK National Archives
Folder WO208/3350
The information comes from work done by John Howes
The files are listed (more or less) by the suffix of their file numbers
Please note there is no guarantee that these files will be found in this folder - and if not then it's certainly worth looking in the Alphabetical Series WO 208/5405 5436 (see National Archives Military Information Research Guide 20: Prisoners of War, British: 1939-1953) Please also note that the middle numbers often run sequentially in the IS9 WEA reference, which can be useful for identifying people that escaped together; for example 2/8/9, 2/10/10 and 2/9/11. In these cases the first part of the number (2) is thought to refer to the IS9 team, the second part (8, 10, 9) is their local reference. The final part of the number (9, 10, 11) was allocated at a later stage. Often one of these reports may contain all the information which the others simply adopted
In all cases where an MI9 file reference is also given this should be consulted
This page updated 15 Oct 2017
2/353/1001 Sgt Reginald D Larritt 630 Sqn Lancaster PB244
2/354/1002 Sgt Thomas W Wild 466 Sqn Halifax MZ313
2/358/1003 F/Lt Kenneth MacDonald 90 Sqn Stirling EF294
2/359/1004 F/Sgt I W Bostridge 90 Sqn Stirling EF294
2/363/1005 WO John Torrans 582 Sqn Lancaster ND817
2/364/1006 F/O Melvin L Garland 403 Sqn Spitfire ML183
2/364/1006 F/Sgt Herbert F O'Hara 12 Sqn Lancaster LM514 See also IS9 8/257/1083
2/382/1007 Sgt Albert E J Townsend 12 Sqn Lancaster LM514 See MI9 2746
2/383/1008 F/Sgt Francis E O Evans 138 Sqn Halifax LL308 See MI9 2362
2/384/1009 Dvr J Swartz 107 Ind Malay Corps
2/385/1010 Sgt Thomas More 101 Sqn Lancaster NN705
2/388/1011 F/Lt Clifford A Walker RCAF 418 Sqn Mosquito HX812 See MI9 2360
2/389/1012 F/O Frank E Elliott RCAF 166 Sqn Lancaster NE170 See MI9 2280
2/390/1013 F/Sgt P Tweedy 635 Sqn Lancaster ND819 See MI9 2289
2/296/1014 Sgt P Murphy 115 Sqn Lancaster HK548
2/352/1015 Sgt Christopher Christoff RCAF 432 Sqn Halifax LW616 See MI9 2385
2/316/1016 F/Lt G Goddard 635 Sqn Lancaster ND811
2/317/1017 F/O Charles R Godfrey 635 Sqn Lancaster ND811
2/320/1018 F/Sgt William R MacD Brown 207 Sqn Lancaster ND567
2/321/1019 P/O William A Chisholm 19 Sqn Mustang FX990
2/322/1020 F/O Arthur E J Gilby 207 Sqn Lancaster LM129
2/323/1021 F/Lt Ralph W Nickerson RCAF 421 Sqn Spitfire MJ786
2/325/1022 WO Jeffrey H Hill 161 Sqn Halifax LL248
2/327/1023 W/Cdr Donald R Donaldson RAAF 463 Sqn Lancaster LM597
2/338/1024 P/O Michael Alderton 207 Sqn Lancaster ME805
2/339/1025 F/O John D Thorogood 609 Sqn Typhoon JR386
2/340/1026 F/O Donald A Evans RCAF 106 Sqn Lancaster ME789
2/342/1027 Lt George D Silva 33 Sqn Spitfire NH375
2/195/1028 Cpl Ronald V South 1 Bn Royal Norfolk Regt
2/224/1029 Pte Jacobus Panizza 3 Field Regt, Cape Corps
2/233/1030 F/O Gordon R Weber 403 Sqn Spitfire NH232
2/245/1031 Sgt John Tait 2 Bn Northamptonshire Yeomanry
6/300/1032 Gnr M B Hamilton 304/127 Field Regt RA
2/266/1032 L/Cpl A Malach 1 Polish Armoured Reg
2/271/1033 F/O Jack MacG Elliotte 75 Sqn Lancaster HK567 See MI9 2226
2/273/1034 F/O A H Pritchard 428 Sqn Lancaster KB756 See MI9 2224
2/274/1035 Sgt Norman E Stewart RCAF 226 Sqn Mitchell FV989 See MI9 2159
2/275/1036 WO N Roggenkamp RAAF 129 Sqn Mustang FX959 See MI9 2227
2/276/1037 F/O Arthur J D Levy RAAF 218 Sqn Stirling LJ448
2/277/1038 P/O Edward R Davies 19 Sqn Mustang FB168
2/282/1039 Tpr G Wilkinson 1 Border & Lothian Yeomanry
2/283/1040 Tpr Alex Rennie 7 Bn RTR
2/286/1042 F/Sgt Robert K Sheridan RCAF 106 Sqn Lancaster ME831 See MI9 2209
2/287/1043 F/O Gerard Whincop RNZAF 487 Sqn Mosquito LR332 See MI9 2229
2/288/1044 Gnr N Keating 21 AA Battery
2/289/1045 Capt (Sir) Richard Powell Welsh Guards
2/290/1046 F/Sgt Harry H Wheeler 266 Sqn Typhoon MN184
2/295/1047 Sgt Leslie M Byrne 158 Sqn Halifax LV790
2/408/1048 F/O Allister G Morden RCAF 115 Sqn Lancaster HK550
2/386/1049 Tpr V A Farrell British Columbia Regt
2/386/1049 L/Cpl J J Findlay British Columbia Regt
2/386/1049 Tpr D P Hodgson British Columbia Regt
2/386/1049 Sgt C Hunter 7 Bn Black Watch
2/386/1049 Spr J P MacNamara Fld Coy Royal Canadian Engineers
2/386/1049 Sgt T Donald British Columbia Regt
2/386/1049 Pte R Reece CAMSC
2/386/1049 Sgt D B Taylor 28 Canadian Armoured Div
2/386/1049 Tpr W H Tracey British Columbia Regt
2/386/1049 Spr J G Wilson 16 Fld Coy Royal Canadian Eng
2/402/1050 Pte J Andrews 1 Bn Gordon Highlanders
2/402/1050 Pte H Ashton 1 Bn Gordon Highlanders
2/402/1050 L/Cpl H Cook 1 Bn Gordon Highlanders
2/402/1050 Pte G Cooper 1/6 Bn South Staffords
2/402/1050 Rflmn R East 1 Bn Rifle Brigade
2/402/1050 Pte E Fergus 1 Bn Black Watch
2/402/1050 Pte C Gibson 1 Bn Gordon Highlanders
2/402/1050 Pte B Jones 1 Bn Gordon Highlanders
2/402/1050 Pte A Joyce 10 Bn Durham Light Infantry
2/402/1050 Pte J Kennedy 1 Bn Gordon Highlanders
2/402/1050 Pte A Murray 1 Bn Gordon Highlanders
2/402/1050 P/O N T Owen 57 Sqn Lancaster JB370 See MI9 2745 & IS9 2/400/493
2/402/1050 Pte R E Pettit 10 Bn Durham Light Infantry
2/402/1050 2 Lt John R H Tooke SAAF 74 Sqn Spitfire NH367 See also IS9 2/407/1230
2/387/1051 Pte C Bradburn 10 Bn Durham Light Infantry
2/387/1051 Pte A L J Cheberall 10 Bn Durham Light Infantry
2/387/1051 Pte Finselbach 10 Bn Durham Light Infantry
2/387/1051 Pte R Hindle 10 Bn Durham Light Infantry
2/387/1051 Pte E Mustoe 2 Bn Gloucester Regt
2/387/1051 Pte G W Waller 10 Bn Durham Light Infantry
2/387/1051 Pte T Ward 10 Bn Durham Light Infantry
2/263/1052 F/O Harold W Kramer RCAF 411 Sqn Spitfire ML295
2/293/1053 F/O Leo M O'Grady RCAF 432 Sqn Halifax LW582
2/294/1054 Sgt Walter E Dobson 432 Sqn Halifax LW582
2/299/1055 Sgt William J Hardisty 106 Sqn Lancaster ND339
2/300/1056 F/Sgt William S Yates 428 Sqn Lancaster KB756
2/301/1057 Sgt Thomas Sharples 57 Sqn Lancaster ME868
2/310/1058 Sgt Thomas Lynch 9 Sqn Lancaster JA690
2/311/1059 F/Sgt William F Best RCAF 9 Sqn Lancaster JA690
2/313/1060 Sgt Leslie Sutton 9 Sqn Lancaster JA690
2/314/1061 P/O Russell S Gradwell 9 Sqn Lancaster JA690
2/318/1062 F/O Douglas Cameron 635 Sqn Lancaster ND811
2/312/1063 F/O William C Cullen RCAF 428 Sqn Lancaster KB756
2/331/1064 F/Lt S Wandzilak 308 Sqn Spitfire PL279
2/332/1065 Sub Lt Pieter Parent 341 Sqn Spitfire NH522
2/335/1066 Sgt Keith K Lyle RCAF 429 Sqn Halifax MZ302
2/350/1067 F/Sgt J E Parkinson 115 Sqn Lancaster HK548
2/355/1068 WO Kazimierz Wziatek 300 Sqn Lancaster PB252
2/360/1069 Sgt William Fortune 49 Sqn Lancaster JB473
2/361/1070 F/Sgt John E Wainwright 44 Sqn Lancaster ME699
2/362/1071 F/Sgt Thomas C H Young 61 Sqn Lancaster ND867
2/420/1072 WO J McTrach RCAF 76 Sqn Halifax LL116
2/421/1073 Sgt Bernard Compton 76 Sqn Halifax LL116
2/424/1074 Sgt Barry D Wilson-Law 419 Sqn Lancaster KB731
2/427/1075 F/O Michael A Cockrean 619 Sqn Lancaster ME745
2/248/1076 F/Lt Ernest W Forwell 34 Wing PR Spitfire PA870
2/449/1078 Sgt N J Carter 514 Sqn Lancaster LM180
2/312/1079 F/O R B Atkinson RCAF 9 Sqn Lancaster JA690
2/455/1080 F/O James Moffat RCAF 427 Sqn Halifax LV923
6/300/1082 Gnr Matthew B Hamilton 304/127 Field Regt RA
8/257/1083 F/Sgt Herbert F O'Hara 12 Sqn Lancaster LM514 See also IS9 2/364/1006
8/536/1084 Pte Norman Gent 9 Para "C" Coy
2/404/1085 M Mazur 2 Coy Field Ambulance Polish
2/404/1085 W Pyc 2 Coy Field Ambulance Polish
MB/1086 F/Sgt Albert G Bryant 156 Sqn Lancaster NE143
2/315/1087 F/O J M Stevenson RCAF 419 Sqn Lancaster KB727 See MI9 2812
2/329/1088 F/O R N Johnson 101 Sqn Lancaster DV288 See MI9 2261
MB/1089 F/Sgt Ian R G Innes 78 Sqn Halifax MZ692 See MI9 2525
MB/1090 F/Sgt Henry N C Whitmore 156 Sqn Lancaster NE143
MB/1091 F/O Ross H Doubt RCAF 426 Sqn Halifax LK883 See MI9 2378
MB/1093 P/O John L Leyne RCAF 431 Sqn Halifax MZ522 See MI9 2363
MB/1094 Pte H E Oliver RASC
MB/1095 Rifleman Alfred L Steel Royal Winnipeg Rifles See MI9 2511
MB/1096 F/Sgt Alfred T Powell 88 Sqn Boston BZ359 See MI9 2389
MB/1097 F/O James E Mortimer RNZAF 485 Sqn Spitfire MH490 See MI9 2275
MB/1098 Sgt J A Nind RCAF 149 Sqn Stirling LJ621 See MI9 2336
MB/1099 WO Walter Hodder RCAF 432 Sqn Halifax LW616 See MI9 2354
MB/1100 P/O Harry Taylor 101 Sqn Lancaster LL863 See MI9 2284
MB/1102 F/O Dykie A D'Andrea RCAF 432 Sqn Hailfax LW583 See MI9 2468
MB/1103 Sgt Ronald Wilkinson 44 Sqn Lancaster LM631 See MI9 2342
MB/1104 F/Sgt Noel J Helean RNZAF 486 Sqn Typhoon JP845 See MI9 2395
MB/1105 F/Sgt Lawrence W McGowen 467 Sqn Lancaster R5485 See MI9 2309
MB/1106 F/O Roger P McKean RCAF 51 Sqn Halifax LV783 See MI9 2393
MB/1107 F/O Rodney A V James 97 Sqn Lancaster ND840 See MI9 2757
MB/1108 Sgt A V MacIntosh RCAF 434 Sqn Halifax LK990
MB/1109 W/O William J Kelly RCAF 419 Sqn Lancaster KB726 See MI9 2397
MB/1110 F/Sgt Dennis V Kelly 467 Sqn Lancaster R5485 See MI9 2303
MB/1111 Major J D Learment North Nova Scotia Regt
MB/1112 Sgt E J Molnar RCAF 550 Sqn Lancaster JA712 See MI9 2274
MB/1113 F/Sgt Richard E Greenwood 103 Sqn Lancaster PA999 See MI9 2537
MB/1114 F/O J J Thurmeier RCAF 429 Sqn Halifax LK995
MB/1115 Rflmn Joseph G Lagimodiere Royal Winnipeg Rifles See MI9 2524
MB/1116 Sgt F Allen 78 Sqn Halifax JN974 See MI9 2874
MB/1117 WO2 Cyril S Barzeele RCAF 431 Sqn Halifax MZ629
MB/1118 WO G A Lorimer RCAF 405 Sqn Lancaster ND347 See MI9 2875
MB/1119 Sgt William G Johnson 467 Sqn Lancaster PB234 See MI9 2889
MB/1120 F/Sgt Walter Berry 426 Sqn Halifax LK883
MB/1121 Sgt William J Hyde 75 Sqn Lancaster ND756 See MI9 2375
MB/1122 P/O A Gaudon 341 Sqn Spitfire PK996
MB/1123 F/Lt Harold J Nixon RCAF 411 Sqn Spitfire MJ857
MB/1124 Sgt J T H Burton 10 Sqn Halifax HX347 See MI9 2873
MB/1125 P/O L A Nethery RCAF 405 Sqn Lancaster ND347 See MI9 2876
MB/1126 Sgt B C Lewis RAAF 619 Sqn Lancaster JB186
MB/1127 Sgt John T Brown 467 Sqn Lancaster PB234 See MI9 2890
MB/1128 Sgt K A Walker 630 Sqn Lancaster ND530 See MI9 2883
MB/1129 P/O R A Weeden 467 Sqn Lancaster LM376 See MI9 2315
MB/1130 Sgt J W Stone 514 Sqn Lancaster LL739
MB/1131 F/Sgt Henry T Jeffrey 158 Sqn Halifax LW723 See MI9 2490
MB/1132 F/Sgt Stanley A Hawken RAAF 630 Sqn Lancaster ME796 See MI9 2374
MB/1133 Sgt J E Drover RCAF 50 Sqn Lancaster W4824
MB/1134 F/Sgt Reginald Moreton 35 Sqn Halifax LV861 See MI9 2271
MB/1135 P/O William L McGown 514 Sqn Lancaster DS822 See MI9 2487
MB/1136 F/Lt G R Morgan RCAF 169 Sqn Mosquito DD616
MB/1137 Sgt Leonard E S Manning 57 Sqn Lancaster JB318 See MI9 2401
MB/1138 Sgt Leslie A Lewis 166 Sqn Lancaster LM388
MB/1139 F/Sgt Cosmo T Rose 166 Sqn Lancaster LM388
MB/1140 F/Sgt John H Evans 158 Sqn Halifax HX334
MB/1141 Sgt F McKechnie 76 Sqn Halifax MZ539
MB/1142 Sgt G E H Flather 432 Sqn Halifax LK807 See MI9 2272
MB/1143 F/Sgt Gilbert Millar RCAF 432 Sqn Halifax LK807 See MI9 2376
MB/1144 F/Sgt K J Doyle RCAF 432 Sqn Halifax LW492 See MI9 2316
MB/1145 F/Sgt Douglas A Lloyd 158 Sqn Halifax HX334
MB/1146 Sgt A Jones 76 Sqn Halifax MZ539
MB/1147 Sgt S E Munslow 76 Sqn Halifax MZ539 See MI9 2601
MB/1148 Sgt J McCoy 50 Sqn Lancaster W4824 See MI9 2399
MB/1149 Sgt G E Salisbury 76 Sqn Halifax MZ539
MB/1151 F/Sgt Francis W Dennehy RAAF 514 Sqn Lancaster LL716
MB/1152 Sgt Sydney Witham 166 Sqn Lancaster ME839 See MI9 2368
MB/1153 Sgt Robert Heslop 83 Sqn Lancaster ND966 See MI9 2302
7/94/1155 P/O Ivan V Seddon RAAF 158 Sqn Halifax LK863 See MI9 2250
7/95/1156 F/O William P Geeson 625 Sqn Lancaster LM139 See MI9 2443
7/96/1157 F/O Lloyd W Leishman RCAF 158 Sqn Halifax LK863 See MI9 2251
7/98/1158 F/Sgt Jeffrey E Morris 131 Sqn Spitfire MD166 See MI9 2168
7/99/1159 Sgt James A Nealey 619 Sqn Lancaster LM378 See MI9 2264
7/100/1160 Sgt Charles Windsor 158 Sqn Halifax LK863 See MI9 2252
7/133/1161 Sgt John MacKnight 97 Sqn Lancaster JA716 See MI9 2384
7/134/1162 Sgt William E Foley RAAF 582 Sqn Lancaster ND921 See MI9 2370
7/155/1166 Pte Kakhundkgi Kanal 607 Palestinian Pioneer Corps
7/168/1177 Gnr Daniel Pepper 3 Field Regt South African Army
7/169/1178 Gnr Henry Thomas Britz 270 AA Regt Cape Corps
7/181/1181 Pte Joe David Brown CMT South African
2/259/1213 Sgt S B Jones RCAF 158 Sqn Halifax LK877 See MI9 2223
2/444/1214 Pte A H Carelse 101 Res MT Coy Ind Malay Corps
2/468/1216 Sgt Harold E R Merlin 175 Sqn Typhoon JP577 See MI9 2432
2/471/1217 Capt Duncan Macinnes RA Ch D att'd 7 Argyle & South See also SPG MISC/INT/695
2/490/1218 Pte Patrick McDonnell 4 East Lancashire Regt See MI9 2594
2/250/1219 F/O Thomas R Wheler RCAF 411 Sqn Spitfire MK941
2/267/1220 Pte C Lalka 1 Polish Armoured Division
2/268/1221 L/Cpl J Pawlik 10th Polish Dragoons
2/269/1222 Pte W Otoka 1 Polish Armoured Divn
2/270/1223 Pte B Czerniak 1 Polish Armoured Divn
2/297/1224 Sgt Archibald Russell 115 Sqn Lancaster HK548
2/298/1225 F/O Graeme A Price RNZAF 106 Sqn Lancaster ND339
2/302/1226 Sgt Jack Harrowing 635 Sqn Lancaster ND965
2/405/1228 Dvr Arthur V Powell RASC
2/406/1229 Pte William Turriff 14 Lt Field Ambulance RASC
2/407/1230 2 Lt John R H Tooke SAAF 74 Sqn Spitfire NH367 See also IS9 2/402/1050
2/430/1231 Sgt James Slater 77 Sqn Halifax HR949
2/432/1232 F/O James D L Fulton RCAF 427 Sqn Halifax LV995
2/440/1233 P/O Alexander G Dumbrell RCAF 408 Sqn Lancaster DS704
2/442/1234 F/Sgt William S Morrison 64 Sqn Spitfire MK775
2/451/1235 Sgt R O Murray RCAF 44 Sqn Lancaster ND976
2/453/1236 Sgt Patrick G Draper RCAF 425 Sqn Hailfax MZ573
2/457/1237 Sgt T D Young 514 Sqn Lancaster LM180
2/458/1238 WO Francis B Magee RCAF 625 Sqn Lancaster ND641
2/463/1239 F/Sgt George B Hall RAAF 466 Sqn Halifax HX337
2/464/1240 Sgt Cyril C Hatter 57 Sqn Lancaster LM580
2/465/1241 F/O Roy Sigmont RAAF 466 Sqn Halifax HX337
2/466/1242 Sgt D M Macaulay RCAF 432 Sqn Halifax LK807
2/469/1243 F/Sgt Desmond V Simmonds 158 Sqn Halifax LW634
2/470/1244 Sgt John MacDougall 158 Sqn Halifax LW634
2/472/1245 Cpl Job Kumalo Native Military Corps UDF
2/473/1246 Pte John Marobella Native Military Corps UDF
2/474/1247 L/Cpl Ibrahim Rashidi 18 Engineer Force
2/475/1248 Sgt Catherine Wilnitz 3rd Maurtitian Coy
2/476/1249 Pte Machae Elliot Native Military Corps UDF
2/477/1250 Gnr Thomas Carsten UDF Cape Corps
2/478/1251 Pte Kimuli Museti East African Corps
2/479/1252 Pte William Dhladhla South African Signal Corps
2/480/1253 WO Warren B MacPherson RCAF 432 Sqn Halifax LK807
2/481/1254 Cpl Bernard Field 61 Recce Regt RAC
2/481/1254 Tpr John Ellison 61 Recce Regt RAC
2/481/1254 Tpr W Tinsley 61 Recce Regt RAC
2/481/1254 Tpr E Wilson 61 Recce Regt RAC
2/481/1254 Tpr Stanley J James 61 Recce Regt RAC
2/481/1254 Dvr W Tythe 200 Fld Ambulance
2/481/1254 Rflmn William Harbert 8 Bn Rifle Brigade
2/481/1254 Rflmn John Breed 8 Bn Rifle Brigade
2/482/1255 F/O John E J Arscott 434 Sqn Halifax LL243
2/483/1256 F/Sgt Robert B Moffitt RAAF 460 Sqn Lancaster ND654
2/484/1257 F/O Daniel A McCoy RCAF 432 Sqn Halifax LW592
2/485/1258 Pte Harold Leay 4 Bn KSLI
2/485/1258 Pte Ernest F Bates 4 Bn KSLI
2/485/1258 Pte Edward E Harwood 4 Bn KSLI
2/485/1258 Pte Brian K Rigden 4 Bn KSLI
MB/1260 Sgt L De Villedon-Williams Intelligence Corps
7/91/1261 Sq/Ldr Jack Brandt 137 Sqn Typhoon MN474
7/101/1262 Pte Peter Cormack Canadian Black Watch See MI9 2400
7/119/1263 Sgt Frederick J Palmer 76 Sqn Halifax MZ539
7/122/1264 F/Sgt Cecil E Eckel 247 Sqn Typhoon JP381 See MI9 2770
7/123/1265 Sgt George Burrows 626 Sqn Lancaster LL839
7/124/1266 Sgt W G Bennett 76 Sqn Halifax MZ539
7/139/1267 F/O Patrick Moorhead 35 Sqn Lancaster ND731
7/140/1268 WO David F Foster RCAF 427 Sqn Halifax LV987
7/141/1269 F/O Gordon Mct Waddell RCAF 427 Sqn Halifax LV987
7/142/1270 Sgt George M Philliskirk RCAF 427 Sqn Halifax LV987
7/143/1271 Sgt Martin Donnan RCAF 427 Sqn Halifax LV987
7/144/1272 F/Sgt Stanley D Jolly 467 Sqn Lancaster JA901
7/154/1273 F/O W M Poohkay RCAF 427 Sqn Halifax LV938
7/174/1274 Pte Percy H Flaata South Sasketchewan Regt
7/182/1275 Sgt Thomas C Hogg 10 Sqn Halifax LV870
7/184/1276 F/O Peter Anaka RCAF 115 Sqn Lancaster HK550
8/271/1277 Sgt Trevor W Tanner 630 Sqn Lancaster PA992 See MI9 2483
8/272/1278 F/Sgt Peter C N Green 266 Sqn Typhoon MN600 See MI9 2577 & IS9 MB/1305
8/520/1279 Pte Alfred Jones 1 Bn Royal Norfolk Regt
8/515/1280 Sgt Douglas F Jeffreys 8 Para
8/516/1281 Sgt Abbott J Camp 466 Sqn Halifax LV956
8/507/1282 F/O Norman C M Edwards 297 Sqn Albemarle
8/111/1283 Sgt Leopold L De Vetter 640 Sqn HalifaxLK866 See also IS9 2/80/178
8/148/1284 F/Sgt William J Flynn RAAF 460 Sqn Lancaster NE116
8/200/1285 Sgt Alexander Herd 158 Sqn Halifax LK863
8/202/1286 F/O Lionel H J George 15 Sqn Lancaster LM575
1/130/1287 Sgt Harry G John RCAF 180 Sqn Mitchell FW175 See MI9 2463
1/131/1288 WO Hugh G Ellison 602 Sqn Spitfire NH366
1/136/1289 Sgt Andrew W D McKinnon 10 Sqn Halifax MZ584 See MI9 2616
1/140/1290 F/Lt A J Saunders RAAF 83 Sqn Lancaster PB362 See MI9 2542
1/14/1291 WO John W McKenzie 1 Sqn Spitfire MK744 See MI9 2402
1/142/1292 Sgt W W Dineen RCAF 44 Sqn Lancaster LM631 See MI9 2359
1/143/1293 Sgt Alfred J Halhead RCAF 44 Sqn Lancaster LM631 See MI9 2371
1/147/1294 P/O David M Robinson RAAF 83 Sqn Lancaster PB362 See MI9 2372
1/152/1295 F/Sgt Paul A Kaye RCAF 83 Sqn Lancaster PB362 See MI9 2466
1/163/1296 F/Sgt J W R Down RAAF 467 Sqn Lancaster LM450 See MI9 2543
7/230/1297 Cpl Joseph Mohlongo 2nd Div South African Corps
MB/1302 F/Sgt K D Ferguson RAAF 626 Sqn Lancaster LM633
MB/1303 F/O Robert J Lang RCAF 434 Sqn Halifax LW436
MB/1304 P/O Allen C Donnell RCAF 431 Sqn Halifax MZ522
MB/1305 F/Sgt Peter C N Green 266 Sqn Typhoon MN600 See MI9 2577 & IS9 8/272/1278
MB/1306 F/O Reginal F Brailsford 514 Sqn Lancaster LL739
MB/1307 F/Sgt Peter E Knox RAAF 619 Sqn Lancaster ME846
MB/1308 Sgt Ernest J D Merrill 102 Sqn Halifax MZ644
MB/1309 F/Sgt R C Clarke RAAF 626 Sqn Lancaster LM633
MB/1310 F/O Donald E Rutherford RCAF 432 Sqn Halifax LK811
MB/1311 F/O Colin O Rooks RCAF 431 Sqn Halifax MZ522
MB/1312/2069 F/O John Gouinlock RCAF 432 Sqn Halifax LK811
MB/1313 F/Lt John M Hill RCAF 431 Sqn Halifax MZ522
MB/1314 F/O Norval R McGregor RCAF 428 Sqn Halifax JP113 See MI9 2974
MB/1315 Sgt J D L Morrison 630 Sqn Lancaster ND788
MB/1316 Sgt J S M Fyfe 626 Sqn Lancaster LM633 See MI9 2886
MB/1317 F/O W J Elliott RCAF 424 Sqn Halifax HX313
MB/1318 P/O Geoffrey H Congreve 426 Sqn Halifax MZ598
MB/1319 F/O A P R Holmes RCAF 432 Sqn Halifax LK807
MB/1320 Sgt J M Fisher 76 Sqn Halifax LL116
MB/1321 Sgt R Hollocks 578 Sqn Halifax LW675 See MI9 2888
MB/1322 F/O F D Hagen RCAF 425 Sqn Halifax LW715
MB/1323 F/O E E Kirk RCAF 425 Sqn Halifax LW715
MB/1324 Sgt James B Reid 578 Sqn Halifax LW675
MB/1325 Sgt Richard P Irwin 432 Sqn Halifax MZ601
MB/1326 Sgt Arthur E J Barton 207 Sqn Lancaster LL973
MB/1327 F/Sgt John S Munro RCAF 625 Sqn Lancaster ME684 See MI9 2968
MB/1328 F/Sgt R V Furneaux RCAF 425 Sqn Halifax LW715
MB/1329 F/O O R Collins RCAF 425 Sqn Halifax LW715
MB/1330 Sgt W E Durber 630 Sqn Lancaster LM269
MB/1331 P/O Donald Harrison RCAF 431 Sqn Halifax MZ529 See MI9 2976
MB/1332 P/O Hugh W Thomson 7 Sqn Lancaster JB455 See MI9 2871
MB/1333 Sgt John K Chappell 207 Sqn Lancaster PD210
MB/1334 F/O John H Bolton 630 Sqn Lancaster LM269
MB/1335 Sgt Walter Hunt 630 Sqn Lancaster LM269
MB/1336 Sgt Charles E Goodman 630 Sqn Lancaster LM269
MB/1337 Sgt F Anthony Gunnell 115 Sqn Lancaster DS834
MB/1338 Sgt William Ezra 640 Sqn Halifax MZ855
MB/1339 F/Sgt Bernard F Harkin RAAF 640 Sqn Halifax MZ855
MB/1340 Sgt A Goddard 640 Sqn Halifax MZ855
MB/1341 F/Sgt K W Trueman 640 Sqn Halifax MZ855
MB/1342 F/O J Broadley 109 Sqn Mosquito ML932 See MI9 2562
MB/1343 Sgt Kenneth G Butler 460 Sqn Lancaster ND654 See MI9 2880
MB/1344 P/O R H Jopling RAAF 460 Sqn Lancaster ND654 See MI9 3109
MB/1345 F/Sgt R Dawson 429 Sqn Halifax LK800
MB/1346 Sgt L Boness 463 Sqn Lancaster LM597
MB/1347 F/O A De Breyne RCAF 419 Sqn Lancaster KB726
MB/1348 F/O Eric C Heaton RNZAF 487 Sqn Mosquito HP931 See also IS9 MB/1351
MB/1348 WO K G Mason RNZAF 487 Sqn Mosquito HP931
MB/1349 Sgt E C Powell 149 Sqn Stirling EF202 See MI9 2881
MB/1350 Sgt Frank W C Robertson 408 Sqn Lancaster DS788
MB/1351 F/O Eric C Heaton RNZAF 487 Sqn Mosquito HP931 See also IS9 MB/1348
MB/1352 Sgt Walter C Western 626 Sqn Lancaster ND985
MB/1353 F/O Alexander H Walmsley 101 Sqn Lancaster DV287
MB/1354 Sgt J A E Michaud RCAF 425 Sqn Halifax LW591
MB/1355 Sgt A Best 425 Sqn Halifax LW591
MB/1356 Sgt Maurice Muir 424 Sqn Halifax HX313 See MI9 2885
MB/1357 F/Lt J W Shaw 109 Sqn Mosquito ML932
MB/1368 F/Lt E L Mallett RCAF 424 Sqn Halifax HX313
MB/1369 WO2 K C Sweatman RCAF 424 Sqn Halifax HX313
2/565/1360 Gnr George W Elsom 151 AA Regt
2/559/1361 F/O John R Maunsell 57 Sqn Lancaster LM115
2/545/1362 Dvr Dennis T Watts 253 (Airborne) Coy RASC
2/537/1363 Cpl Clement B Sproston 299 Sqn Stirling LK645 - RASC
2/536/1364 Sgt William Moss 299 Sqn Stirling LK645
2/535/1365 F/Sgt James E Price 299 Sqn Stirling LK645
2/538/1366 L/Cpl Sidney W Day 196 Sqn Stirling LJ810 - RASC
2/532/1367 F/Sgt L Hartman 196 Sqn Stirling LJ810
2/533/1368 F/Sgt John McQuiggan 196 Sqn Stirling LJ810
2/534/1369 F/Sgt George D Greenwell 196 Sqn Stirling LJ810
2/527/1370 Sgt Walter Farmer 10 Sqn Halifax HX295
2/500/1371 F/Sgt Lindsay R Burford RAAF 514 Sqn Lancaster LM180
2/498/1372 F/O R A L Forbes RCAF 419 Sqn Lancaster KB731
2/514/1373 F/O William A Robertson RCAF 158 Sqn Halifax HX334
2/495/1374 L/Cpl W Farquar 5 Bn Seaforth Highlanders
2/495/1374 Pte N Trott 5 Bn Seaforth Highlanders
2/495/1374 Pte D Feather 5 Bn Black Watch
2/495/1374 Pte J G Harvey 7 Bn Black Watch
2/495/1374 Pte J Ruehorne 7 Bn Black Watch
2/507/1375 Sgmn George Wales 11 Air Form Sigs - 20 Con Sect
2/502/1376 Sgt Edward J W Druet 434 Sqn Halifax LK801
2/503/1377 Sgt C W Wentworth RCAF 434 Sqn Halifax LK801
2/515/1378 WO J H Frame 405 Sqn Lancaster ND526
2/531/1379 F/Lt Reginald T F Turner 299 Sqn Stirling LK645
2/516/1380 Sgt Joseph Hooks RCAF 51 Sqn Halifax LK885
2/525/1381 F/Sgt Leslie Couch 190 Sqn Stirling LK498
2/513/1382 F/O F E Pascoe 190 Sqn Stirling LK498
2/524/1383 Dvr Thomas Fitzhugh 253 (Airborne) Coy RASC
2/519/1384 F/O M Booth 190 Sqn Stirling LK498 See MI9 2877
2/523/1385 F/Sgt Clifford Buckley 190 Sqn Stirling LJ892
2/518/1386 P/O Reginald T Walker RAAF 190 Sqn Stirling LK498
2/512/1387 Sgt William Johnstone 425 Sqn Halifax LW390
2/506/1388 Sqn Ldr Deryck Lamb 65 Sqn Mustang FB129
2/517/1390 Spr James McK Fotheringham 26 Field Coy RE See MI9 2571
2/489/1391 P/O Kenneth F H Wright 10 Sqn Halifax LV867
2/487/1392 Sgt William T B Weare 10 Sqn Halifax HX326
2/496/1393 Pte William Matheson Cape Corps UDF
2/486/1394 Sgt Frank R Haslam 207 Sqn Lancaster LL973
2/508/1395 Sgt Joseph P Healey RCAF 138 Sqn Halifax LW281 See MI9 2441
2/491/1396 L/Cpl J J W Green Ox & Bucks See MI9 2593
2/509/1397 F/Sgt Wilfred L Renner RCAF 419 Sqn Halifax JD463 See MI9 2435
2/510/1398 Sgt Norman H Michie RCAF 428 Sqn Halifax LK956 See MI9 2436
2/511/1399 Sgt Henry A Lucas 514 Sqn Lancaster DS874 See MI9 2484
2/501/1400 F/O Roy Kay 550 Sqn Lancaster ME840
2/488/1401 F/Sgt L G Rossely RAAF 460 Sqn Lancaster ND654
2/526/1402 Sgt Mervyn Hughes 190 Sqn Stirling LK498
2/540/1403 Sqn/Ldr Hugh W Horsley 61 Sqn Lancaster LM718
2/561/1404 F/O Thomas Oliver 190 Sqn Stirling EF260
2/560/1405 F/Sgt Sidney F Sanders 190 Sqn Stirling EF260
2/542/1406 Sgt Gordon Ryan 190 Sqn Stirling EF260
2/541/1407 F/O Clifford C King 620 Sqn Stirling LJ830
2/562/1408 F/O Ralph Newton 620 Sqn Stirling LJ830
2/563/1409 Sgt Thomas Haig 620 Sqn Stirling LJ830
2/564/1410 F/O Eric B Dane 620 Sqn Stirling LK127
2/543/1411 F/Sgt Raymond Brooks 196 Sqn Stirling LK556
2/551/1412 Sgt Donald Cooper 578 Sqn Halifax LL584
2/553/1413 F/Sgt Eric Pratt 620 Sqn Stirling LJ847 See also IS9 2/554/2011
2/552/1414 P/O Arnold Heard 620 Sqn Stirling LJ847 See also IS9 2/554/2011
2/555/1415 Cpl Jack Vicary 253 (Airborne) Coy RASC See also IS9 2/554/2011
2/558/1416 Sgt Louis Robert 78 Sqn Halifax MZ763
2/522/1417 F/Sgt Stanley Sparkes 578 Sqn Halifax MZ563
2/544/1418 F/O George F Talbot 196 Sqn Stirling LK556
2/539/1419 Sgt Reginald T Hoskinson 61 Sqn Lancaster LM718
2/546/1420 F/O John L Paterson 196 Sqn Stirling LK556
2/547/1421 L/Cpl Peter G Hammond 223 Air Despatch Coy RASC
2/548/1422 Dvr Reginald C Jones 223 Air Despatch Coy RASC
2/549/1423 F/Sgt William R Fell 48 Sqn Dakota FZ620
2/550/1424 P/O John C L Carey 620 Sqn Stirling LJ946
2/521/1425 Sgt Leslie Shimmons 514 Sqn Lancaster LL695
2/556/1426 F/Sgt Silas T Sloane 578 Sqn Halifax LL584
2/520/1427 F/O Dennis F Walker 514 Sqn Lancaster LL695
2/566/1428 Dvr Albert E Norton 196 Sqn Stirling LJ810 - RASC
2/657/1429 P/O Charles A Cawthorne 61 Sqn Lancaster LM718
2/568/1430 Dvr Alfred Braid 299 Sqn Stirling LJ868 - RASC
2/569/1431 L/Cpl Frederick D Prior 299 Sqn Stirling LJ868 - RASC
2/570/1432 Sgt Walter T Simpson 299 Sqn Stirling LJ868
1/126/1433 F/O James K White RCAF 426 Sqn Halifax MX690 See MI9 2317
1/112/1434 F/Lt Donald McK Shanks RAAF 464 Sqn Mosquito NS897 See MI9 2262
1/111/1435 Sgt Boyd A Nelles RCAF 434 Sqn Halifax LW436 See MI9 2357
1/110/1436 Sgt Gerald H Donovan RCAF 434 Sqn Halifax LW436 See MI9 2358
1/165/1438 F/Lt W M Walton 97 Sqn Lancaster NE124 See MI9 2319
1/174/1440 Sgt N W L Linton 166 Sqn Lancaster NE170
1/175/1441 Sgt James H Comley 166 Sqn Lancaster NE170
1/177/1442 F/Sgt A Nichol 207 Sqn Lancaster LM208 See MI9 2548
1/178/1443 WO Anthony Capusten RCAF 429 Sqn Halifax LW128 See MI9 2488
1/183/1444 W/O Archibald R Shoebottom RCAF 44 Sqn Lancaster ME628 See MI9 2299
1/184/1445 Pte Cameron Walker 4 Bn Black Watch See MI9 2478
1/185/1446 F/Lt Leendert C M Van Eendenburg 332 Sqn Spitfire PL288 See MI9 2391
1/186/1447 F/Sgt Thomas W White 44 Sqn Lancaster ME628 See MI9 2298
1/189/1448 F/O Ernest J Burchell RCAF 101 Sqn Lancaster DV288 See MI9 2596
1/192/1449 F/Lt J Jeka 308 Sqn Spitfire ML254 See MI9 2290
1/193/1450 Sgt Dwight E Casselman RCAF 50 Sqn Lancaster JL899 See MI9 2411
1/194/1451 F/Sgt N E Cartwright 90 Sqn Stirling EF147 See MI9 2324
1/195/1452 Sgt R L Wensley 90 Sqn Stirling EF147 See MI9 2325
1/61/1453 F/O C R Leith RAAF 453 Sqn Spitfire PL313
1/66/1454 Capt Richard A Wollheim Royal Inniskillen Fusiliers
1/187/1455 F/Sgt C Cash 143 Sqn Beaufighter LZ406
1/188/1456 F/Sgt K Bradbury 143 Sqn Beaufighter LZ406
1/190/1457 F/O John A Loudon RCAF 226 Sqn Mitchell FW238
1/191/1458 F/O Samuel H Irvine RCAF 226 Sqn Mitchell FV924
1/196/1459 Pte Daniel Oliphant Cape Corps UDF - Water Coy
1/197/1460 F/O Keith Patrick RCAF 427 Sqn Halifax LV995
1/198/1461 F/O Edmund H Pack 635 Sqn Lancaster ND895
1/200/1462 L/Cpl George Dalloway 11 Hussars "C" Sqn
1/201/1463 L/Cpl Leonard H Hayward 11 Hussars
1/202/1464 L/Cpl Albert R Jones 11 Hussars
1/125/1465 L/Cpl Nigel Coombes 28 Canadian Armoured Regt
1/124/1466 Sgt John M Heffernan 28 Canadian Armoured Regt
1/123/1467 Tpr Harold J Illingworth 28 Canadian Armoured Regt
1/122/1468 Tpr James H E McDonald 28 Canadian Armoured Regt
1/121/1469 Tpr James Korth 28 Canadian Armoured Regt
1/120/1470 Tpr James E Cox 28 Canadian Armoured Regt
1/119/1471 Tpr John N Page 28 Canadian Armoured Regt
1/118/1472 Tpr John Zygmunt 28 Canadian Armoured Regt
1/117/1473 Tpr Gordon A Symon 28 Canadian Armoured Regt
1/116/1474 Tpr Vernon R Sparrow 28 Canadian Armoured Regt
1/115/1475 Tpr George E Rusk 28 Canadian Armoured Regt
1/114/1476 Sgt Millard J Allison 28 Canadian Armoured Regt
1/116/1477 Tpr V R Sparrow 28 Canadian Armoured Regt
1/113/1477 Cpl J Parent Fusiliers Mont Royal
1/212/1478 F/Sgt C M Beattie RAAF 626 Sqn Lancaster LM633
1/213/1479 F/Sgt Thomas Fraser 10 Sqn Halifax MZ844
1/214/1480 Pte J A Cormier Stormont Dundas & Glengarry
1/219/1481 WO Douglas R Jennings RCAF 214 Sqn Fortress SR382
2/492/1481 Sgt Ernest E G Jones 1 Bn Royal Welch Fusiliers
2/493/1483 Bndsmn James H Patching 1 Bn Royal Scots
1/119/1484 Tpr Reginald W Smith 11 Hussars "C" Sqn
MB/1485 Sgt Albert J Keveren 12 Sqn Lancaster ND650
MB/1486 F/O Richard H Taylor 12 Sqn Lancaster JB650
MB/1487 F/O Douglas A Jennings 57 Sqn Lancaster LM580
MB/1488 F/Sgt Donald D Finlay 429 Sqn Halifax LK800
MB/1489 WO Donald MacDonald RCAF 432 Sqn Halifax LW592
MB/1490 F/O John A Neal RCAF 419 Sqn Halifax HX189
MB/1491 F/Sgt William E McGee RNZAF 75 Sqn Lancaster ME752
MB/1492 Sgt John A Waugh 102 Sqn Halifax MZ644
MB/1493 F/O Geoffery G M Gale 431 Sqn Halifax MZ522
MB/1494 F/Sgt Reginald Brookes 100 Sqn Lancaster LL887
MB/1495 Sgt John B Millar RCAF 431 Sqn Halifax MZ522
MB/1496 F/Sgt K Bruce Wootton 149 Sqn Stirling EF202 See MI9 2884
MB/1497 F/Sgt Frank E Elderton RCAF 429 Sqn Halifax MZ362
MB/1498 F/Sgt Douglas R Foden RAAF 78 Sqn Halifax MZ692
MB/1499 F/O Stuart MacK Leslie RCAF 429 Sqn Halifax LM415
1/221/1500 F/Sgt Irvin B Fletcher 467 Sqn Lancaster DV171