Liberation Reports
File WO208/3330
The information comes from work done by John Howes
The main file series of the SPG Liberation reports at the National Archives are in WO 208/3328 to 3335. This is replicated in the series WO 208/3336 to 3340 and these files may also contain the Appendix As which give information about civilians who assisted the servicemen during their escape or evasion. It has been found that both series contain a large number of missing files so it is recommended that both be consulted. It may also be worth searching the POW Liberation reports in the WO 344 series as these will often provide further information, especially when searching the WO 208 series has drawn a blank.
Most of the aircraft details have been added using such reference works as ‘Footprints on the Sands of Time' by Oliver Clutton-Brock, the ‘Bomber Command Losses' series by W R Chorley and ‘Fighter Command Losses' by Norman L R Franks.
I have included brief capture details for some soldiers if the dates or locations are significantly different to the MIA dates - and for aircrew where known.
This page updated 28 Nov 2016
LIB No     MIA Captured
301 F/Lt A M Edwards RAF
302 F/O J D Avery RAAF 460 Sqn Lancaster PB301 FTR Bottrop Feb 45
303 F/Lt D B White RAF
304 W/O Gordon Stooke RAAF 460 Sqn Lancaster W4320 FTR Wuppertal June 43 Paris July 43 - with others
305 W/O J R Hayes 455 Sqn Hampden AT109 FTR Vaenja Sept 42 near Kirkness, Norway Sept 42
306 W/O A J Robertson RAF
307 F/Lt Philip R Searcy RAAF 99 Sqn Wellington T2554 FTR Berlin Nov 41 near Aschendorf Nov 41
308 F/O L E Jackson RAF
309 F/O R Neil RAF
310 F/Lt H S W Fordyce RAF
311 F/Lt G R Bennett RAF
312 W/O V S T Zucker RAF
313 W/O William J Cave RNZAF 15 Sqn Stirling BF460 FTR Nuremburg Aug 43 Paris Sept 43 - with others
314 W/O R M Hearn RAF
315 W/O H A Martin RAF
316 W/O Noel W Robinson RAAF 463 Sqn Lancaster DV229 FTR Orleans June 44 Le Mans June 44 w King (138) & Smith (1296)
317 W/O R F Zwar RAF
318 W/O W H Harris RAF
319 Sqn/Ldr E R Greenacre RAF
320 W/O W P Adams RAF
321 W/O Jack F Quinn RAAF 3 Sqn Italy Feb 45
322 W/O A McB Kerr RAF
323 W/O Francis J Seery RAAF 460 Sqn near Eindhoven Dec 43
324 F/Lt G R Anderson 455 Sqn Hampden AT109 FTR Vaenja Sept 42 near Kirkness, Norway Sept 42
325 F/Lt D J Burbury RAF
326 W/O Douglas A Watkins RAAF 21 OT U Wellington W5618 FTR Essen June 42 near Charleroi June 42
327 F/Lt Arthur R B Schrock RAAF 460 Sqn Lancaster JB296 FTR Berlin Jan 44 near St Malo Jan 44
328 F/O William Mowatt RAAF 10 Sqn Halifax LV867 FTR Dusseldorf Apr 44 near Dutch-German border Apr 44
329 F/Lt Peter C T Armytage RAAF 625 Sqn Lancaster ME684 FTR Berlin Mar 44 Antwerp May 44
330 W/O J Ruby RAF
331 W/O F J Wyatt RAF
332 W/O William H Yates 230 Sqn MEC FTR Tobruk Aug 41 near Tobruk Aug 41
333 F/Lt Philip Hyden 78 Sqn Halifax DT775 FTR Frankfurt Apr 43 on train at Vierzon Apr 43 with Adams (832)
334 Gnr Ronald Reiman 99 Field Regt, Royal Artillery Armentieres May 40  
335 W/O J A S Abernethy 40 Sqn Wellington R1323 FTR Dusseldorf June 41
336 Pte M Glasgow Black Watch
337 W/O G Kopal RAF
338 WO1 G V Lynn RAF
339 Pte J Taylor Green Howards
340 F/Lt Maurice M Holgate 78 Sqn Halifax LV958 FTR Karlsruhr Apr 44 Paris June 44
341 W/O Richard H Thomson 4 Res MT Coy, NZEF Crete June 41  
342 W/O Herbert J Tomkins 9 Sqn Wellington R1335 FTR Cologne Mar 41 near Nevers Dec 41
343 Gnr A R Kent Royal Horse Artillery
344 Capt Denis P Swinney Royal Engineers Knightsbridge (Libya) June 42  
345 Aircraftsman G W Rook Army Coop RAF
346 W/O E G Ball 207 Sqn Manchester L7311 FTR Dusseldorf Aug 41
347 F/Lt W Woodhouse RAF
348 W/O W L Flower 115 Sqn Wellington P9297 FTR Dinant May 40 not stated - with crewman Glendinning (1269)
349 L/Bdr W Bates LAA
350 Pte S Bradshaw Kings Own Royal Rifles
351 Gnr C J Reed Tank Regt
352 Lt G S Clark HAA
353 Pte J H Howes Leicestershire Refit
354 Sqn/Ldr Clive K Saxelby 103 Sqn Halifax W1219 FTR Duisburg Sept 42 near Dusseldorf Sept 42
355 Gnr W Turner Royal Horse Artillery
356 W/O Jack Lawrence 83 Sqn Hampden AD912 FTR Cologne Sept 41 Venlo, Holland Sept 41
357 Lt J R Boustead Seaforth Highlanders
358 Lt R J Sage Royal Tank Regiment
359 W/O B Kay RAF
360 W/O Neville H C Short 77 Sqn Halifax LL121 FTR Frankfurt Dec 43 Frankfurt Dec 43
361 Gnr F N Jackson Royal Artillery
362 Pte T J Barnes Durham Light Infantry
363 Fus J E Henderson 1 Bn RNF
364 W/O Francis J Evans 541 PRU Coastal Command Paris Apr 43
365 Sgt Cyril R McKay 2 Bn The Buffs near Dunkirk May 40  
366 Pte T Butterworth East Yorks
367 F/O Charles G Griffin 620 Sqn Stirling LJ867 FTR SOE mission Apr 44 Castelnau sur l'Auvignon June 44
368 F/O C G Dearie RAF
369 Dvr C B Topham Royal Horse Artillery
370 Spr J Finch TERE
371 Lt B S Walker Durham Light Infantry
372 Pte Albert Manser 4 Bn The Buffs St Valery-en-Caux June 40  
373 CSM O W Richards RASC
374 Capt S T Eve Hussars
375 Dvr C W Woodland Royal Engineers
376 Pte John Duffy 11 Parachute Regt Arnhem Sept 44  
377 Gnr J H Thew Royal Horse Artillery
378 W/O F Wasinski RAF
379 Pte R Robertson Seaforth Highlanders
380 F/O J Price RAF
381 F/Sgt P Robertson RAF
382 W/O G Emerson RAF
383 Rflmn Cyril Nichols 1 Bn Rifle Brigade Calais May 40  
384 Dvr R Farrar 906 General Transport Coy, RASC
385 F/Lt William F Watts 257 Sqn Typhoon MP121 FTR Rover Sept 44 Beveland, Germany Sept 44
386 Gnr T Roberts Royal Artillery
387 Gnr J Sharp 1st LAA Bty, 13 Army Corps
388 Gdsmn D R Keay Welsh Guards
389 Sigmn R Cunningham Royal Corps of Signals
390 W/O G L Neeves RAF
391 Pte R Clarkson Black Watch
392 Pte J Walker Parachute Regt
393 W/O Roman Puchala PAF 138 SD Halifax BB309 FTR SOE mission Sept 43 Copenhagen Sept 43
394 Bdr Jack Coley 60 Field Regt, Royal Artillery Sidi Rezegh Nov 41  
395 W/O Arthur H Johnson 65 Sqn Spitfire FTR Sweep Oct 41 Le Touquet Oct 41
396 Spr S Chinery Royal Engineers
397 Pte L G Smith Queens Own Royal West Kent
398 W/O William Gardner 10 Sqn Whitley P4946 FTR Bremen May 41 off Heligoland Bight May 41
399 Gdsmn Rowland Wallis-Clarke 2 Bn Scots Guards 30 mls west of Tobruk June 42  
400 Pte C N Mitchell Wiltshire Regt
401 Capt Walmesley-Cotham Army Tank Brigade
402 W/O A E W Miller RAF
403 CQMS F Ricketts 1 Bn South Wales Borderers
404 Pte A S Rylands Davis Rifles
405 Lt P D Storie-Pugh Queens Own Royal
406 W/O N J Stubbings RAF
407 Pte G K Brookland Durham Light Infantry
408 Sgt T Glassey Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
409 Cpl V Robson Royal Scots
410 Gnr H Williams Royal Artillery
411 Pte G Hilbourner 7 Bn Royal Sussex Regt
412 W/O Geoffrey Leather 38 Sqn MEF
413 W/Cmdr Charleton O Bastian 7 Sqn Stirling EF387 FTR Krefeld June 43 Charleville Aug 43 - with others
414 F/Sgt C J Aldred RAF
415 Cpl C J Sewell Royal Canadian Engineers
416 Tpr E G Amderson Calgary Regiment
417 Cpl W R Button Durham Light Infantry
418 F/Lt A P Kernon RAF
419 Bdr S Searle Royal Artillery
420 Pte Victor J Hewett RAMC Calais May 40  
421 Sgt Frederick E Woods 578 Sqn Halifax MZ563 FTR Dusseldorf Apr 43 Helden, Holland Jan 45 - with others
422 Sgt A Matheson Cameron Highlanders
423 Capt F W C Weldon Royal Horse Artillery
424 Tpr T Night Royal Tank Regiment
425 W/O Leslie W Hatherly 149 Sqn
426 W/O Robert H Fisher 47 Sqn Coastal Command FTR Sardinia Aug 43 Sardinia Aug 43
427 Spr R H Rees Royal Engineers
428 F/O R E Cooper 97 Sqn Lancaster ND351 FTR Frankfurt Mar 44
429 Pte R Priddle Black Watch
430 F/O Douglas A Laver 78 Sqn Halifax LW509 FTR Schweinfurt Feb 44 Stuttgart Feb 44
431 F/Lt Humphrey A C Jowett RAAF 450 Sqn MEF Kittyhawk Rhubarb to Italy Aug 43 Italy Aug 43
432 W/O Ronald G Damman RAAF 9 Sqn Wellington R1281 FTR Emden Apr 41 near Apeldorn Apr 41 with Graham (954)
433 W/O George S Barclay RNZAF 166 Sqn Wellington BK361 FTR Duisburg Apr 43 Somme Apr 43
434 W/O E W B Evans RAF
435 Gnr C D Williams Royal Horse Artillery
436 Pte H K Bance Parachute Regt
437 Fus H J Apperley Royal Scots Fusiliers
438 Pte D V Rowsell Duke Cornwalls Light Infantry
439 Pte John W Wilson 6 Bn Seaforth Highlanders Vimy Ridge May 40  
440 Pte R J A Dobe Essex Scottish Regt
441 Pte J W Stewart Royal Canadian Regiment
442 Sgt Charles H Wright 78 Sqn Halifax MZ692 FTR Laon June 44 near Villers June 44
443 L/Bdr J Armstrong Field Regt
444 Cpl E Foster Durham Light Infantry
445 Pte Darcy Cameron Highlanders
446 Pte D L Jones Parachute Regt
447 Cpl W Jacks RASC
448 W/O C G Penn RAF
449 Cpl F D Greenhalgh RAF
450 Bdr W G Ward 67 Med Regt, Royal Artillery
451 Pte E R Alderman Essex Scottish Regt
452 Pte L W Bardon Special Service Regt
453 Pte E Abbott Essex Scottish Regt
454 Cpl W B Brown Royal Hamilton Light Infantry
455 Gnr G D Brown Royal Canadian Artillery
456 Pte G Battersby Edmonton Regiment
457 W/O T L Fielder RAF
458 W/O Thomas B Comins RAAF 38 Sqn MEF Wellington FTR Benghazi July 41 Mekili July 41 with rest of crew
459 W/O A S Caddie RNZAF 466 Sqn Halifax NP968 FTR Hamburg Apr 45
460 W/O Vivian Connell RAAF 75 Sqn Lancaster ND752 FTR Homberg July 44 Antwerp Aug 44 with Bailey (1202) & others
461 Gnr G Matthews Northumberland Hussars
462 S/Sgt K W Hannon Glider Pilot Regt
463 Lt G Bensusan East Surrey Regt
464 W/O K Markilwie RAF
465 Pte H V Somers Wiltshire Regt
466 W/O Frederick W Graham 35 Sqn Halifax W7765 FTR Frankfurt Aug 42 near Auxerre Aug 42
467 F/Lt F Ivins RAF
468 Capt G A Kennard Queens Own Hussars
469 Capt G H B Baacker RAOC
470 Capt H R Leahy 68 Med Regt. Royal Artillery
471 Capt H Lowan Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
472 Capt R K Montgomery Royal Engineers
473 F/Lt R Hicks RAF
474 F/Lt A H Boyle 158 Sqn Halifax JD277 FTR Hamburg July 43
475 F/Lt G Milne RAF
476 Sgt Hoyle RAF
477 Sgt W E Addison 424 Halifax LW460 FTR Frankfurt Mar 44
478 F/Lt B N Dickinson RAF
479 F/Lt T G Wilson RAF
480 L/Cpl Thomas R Farquhar 1 Bn Gordon Highlanders St Valery-en-Caux June 40  
481 Cpl B J Desmond LAA
482 Sgt Ernest Jackson 158 Sqn Halifax DT694 FTR Cologne Feb 43 Schinnen near Aachen Feb 43
483 Sgt Da W Peachey RAF
484 F/Lt Cyril W Nuttall 158 Sqn Halifax LV790 FTR Amiens June 44 Paris Aug 44 with Hoffman (733) and others
485 Lt R H Garnett Glider Pilot Regt
486 Pte A Dunn Queens Own Cameron High
487 Lt C G Butcher West Yorkshire Regt
488 F/Lt John William E Bridger 57 Sqn Wellington FTR Cairo Apr 41 near Appalonia, Libya Apr 41 with rest of crew
489 F/O Brian H Atkins 138 SD Halifax BB378 SOE mission Dec 43 near Roskilde, Denmark Dec 43 with his crew
490 F/Lt Wiltshear RAF
491 F/Lt J D Rae RAF
492 Pte James G Denholm 11 Parachute Bn, 1st Airborne Arnhem Sept 44  
493 F/O Clement B Ings 51 Sqn Halifax DT690 FTR Plzen Apr 43 near Perpignan Apr 43 with Simpson (1311)
494 W/O Robert E Strange 152 Sqn FTR Pont du Fhars Feb 43 Pont du Fhars, Tunisia Feb 43
495 Pte George T Barton Oxfordshire & Bucks L I Cassel May 40  
496 W/O Paul F Wright 77 Sqn Halifax JD168 FTR Dusseldorf June 43 Paris July 43 with Toohig (578) and others
497 F/Sgt John Robertson 35 Sqn Lancaster ND701 FTR Lille Apr 44 Flixecourt Aug 44 with James (559)
498 Cpl Cecil L Brown Seaforth Highlanders of Canada Italy Oct 43  
499 Pte D Shilltto "W" Force Greece
500 W/O Jozef Rek PAF 138 SD Halifax BB379 FTR SOE mission June 43 Paris July 43
501 F/Sgt C Robinson RAF
502 Gnr Henry W Hughes 209/53 Anti-Tank Regt, RA near Cassel May 40  
503 Gnr E Turland Royal Artillery
504 F/Lt Edward C Nicholson 429 Sqn Wellington HZ355 FTR Dusseldorf June 43 Hasselt, Belgium June 43 with Horton (1262)
505 F/Lt David C Saunders 619 Sqn Lancaster LL977 FTR Wesseling June 44 near Aachen June 44
506 Lt Chistopher L Silverwood-Cope 98 Field Regt, RA Godewaerswelde May 40  
507 W/O D B Thrower RAF
508 Dvr John Shenton 4 Coy, L of C France Calais May 40  
509 Lt J A Cesseford Royal Artillery
510 F/Lt John J O'Neill 148 Sqn Halifax (query) FTR SOE mission Mar 44 near Allied lines in Italy June 44
511 F/Lt John D Agrell 99 Sqn Wellington T2880 FTR Cologne July 41 Cologne July 41 with rest of crew
512 F/Lt H J Bell-Walker RAF
513 F/Lt V H S Cuttle RAF
514 Pte W Benworth Black Watch
515 F/Sgt John N Osselton 10 Sqn Halifax MZ630 FTR Trappes June 44 Paris June 44
516 Cpl R R F Chung Royal Engineers
517 W/O Gurth Webster 576 Sqn Lancaster DV364 FTR Duisburg May 44 Antwerp July 44 - with others
518 F/Lt D F Laslett RAF
519 F/Lt N M Thomas RAF
520 W/O John Sansam 97 Sqn Sqn Lancaster JB367 FTR Berlin Nov 43 near Liege Nov 43
521 W/O Harry Whatton 214 Sqn Fortress SR382 FTR BS to Wesseling June 44 Antwerp July 44 with Sparks (521)
522 W/O P C Cottle RAF
523 W/O K Hayes RAF
524 Cpl A R G Clark Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
525 F/O Norman F Wyatt 644 Sqn Halifax LL228 FTR SOE mission Apr 44 Angouleme Apr 44
526 Lt John B Kempster The Kings Royal Rifle Corps near Alamein Sept 42  
527 L/Cpl Gerald Morris RAMC Calais May 40  
528 Lt G F Smith Royal Tank Regiment
529 F/Sgt J S Carey 514 Sqn Lancaster DS735 FTR Berlin Jan 44
530 Sgt E W Crump Royal Armoured Corps
531 F/O W H Rhodes 403 Sqn Spitfire ML248 FTR Neptune June 44 Gommerville-sur-Merville Aug 44 - with others
532 F/Lt Oliver J Wells 7 Sqn Lancaster JA710 FTR Munchengladbach Aug 43 on train near Lille Jan 44 with Mattey (958)
533 Pte J R Gutrige East Surrey Regt
534 W/O Derik Scott RAF
535 Major John B Dodge Middlesex Regiment near St Valery-en-Caux June 40  
536 F/Lt Conel A O'Connell RAAF 408 Sqn Halifax JB909 FTR Stuttgart Apr 43 Paris Apr 43
537 W/O Galbraith M Hyde RNZAF 218 Sqn Stirling R9185 FTR Gardening Nov 42 Fecamp Dec 42
538 W/O Charles F Saville 57 Sqn Lancaster ED667 FTR Plzen May 43 Paris July 43
539 F/Lt Stuart D Parnell RNZAF 104 Sqn
540 F/Lt H T Lambie RAF
541 W/O John Ansell RAAF 50 Sqn Lancaster LL791 FTR Augsburg Feb 44 Pyrenees Apr 44 - with others
542 W/O Kenneth W Manson RAAF 467 Sqn Lancaster LM376 FTR Nuremburg Mar 44 near Stavelot, Belgium Apr 44 with Watts (1834)
543 W/O R C Mackenzie RAF
544 W/O Mervin J Arthur RAAF 166 Sqn Wellington HF589 FTR Gelsenkirchen June 43 Pronk, Holland June 43
545 F/Lt Malcolm F Cullen RNZAF 257 Sqn Typhoon MN367 FTR France May 44 Paris Aug 44
546 F/Lt Ian G Grant RNZAF 168 Sqn FTR Popular Jan 43 Paris Jan 43
547 Spr A J Ring Royal Engineers
548 Pte R J Edwards The Buffs
549 F/Lt Eric V J Purnell 51 Sqn Halifax DT721 FTR Dusseldorf Jan 43 near Helmond, Holland Jan 43
550 W/O Laurie Wesley 207 Sqn Lancaster ND556 FTR Mailly-le-Camp May 44 Paris July 44 - with others