Liberation Reports
File WO208/3329
The information comes from work done by John Howes
The main file series of the SPG Liberation reports at the National Archives are in WO 208/3328 to 3335. This is replicated in the series WO 208/3336 to 3340 and these files may also contain the Appendix As which give information about civilians who assisted the servicemen during their escape or evasion. It has been found that both series contain a large number of missing files so it is recommended that both be consulted. It may also be worth searching the POW Liberation reports in the WO 344 series as these will often provide further information, especially when searching the WO 208 series has drawn a blank.
Most of the aircraft details have been added using such reference works as ‘Footprints on the Sands of Time' by Oliver Clutton-Brock, the ‘Bomber Command Losses' series by W R Chorley and ‘Fighter Command Losses' by Norman L R Franks - with some additional information from Anthony Whitworth.
I have included brief capture details for some soldiers if the dates or locations are significantly different to the MIA dates - and for aircrew where known.
This page updated 30 Jan 2018
LIB No     MIA Captured
101 F/Lt Ivor Tonder 312 Sqn Spitfire BL626 FTR Sweep June 42 landed in the Channel - rescued by seaplane
102 F/Lt Sydney H Dowse 1 PRU (Coast Cmd) Spitfire FTR Popular Aug 41 baled out off Brest and captured on the beach
103 W/O William F Redding RAAF 425 Sqn Wellington HE475 FTR Mannheim Apr 43 north of Saarbrucken Apr 43
104 F/Lt Peter Stevens 144 Sqn Hampden AD936 FTR Berlin Sept 41 near Amsterdam Sept 41
105 F/Lt Clarke W Floody RCAF 401 Sqn Spitfire W3964 FTR Sweep Oct 41 captured on landing near St Omer
106 Major James M Grant 2 Bn Seaforth Highlanders St Sylvan June 40
107 P/O J N Sheehan RAAF 44 Sqn Lancaster ME299 FTR Politz Feb 45
108 W/Cdr A O McCormack RAAF 466 Sqn Halifax HX294 FTR Berlin Jan 44
109 W/O Charles A Boyer 40 Sqn MEC Fuka Aug 42  
110 F/O F Moresby RNZAF RAF
111 F/Lt M J Jones RAAF 450 Sqn Kittyhawk AK750 FTR June 42
112 W/O Leonard F James RAAF 466 Sqn Wellington HE530 FTR Dortmund May 43 Raalte, Holland May 43
113 W/O W I Hasen RNZAF 7 Sqn Stirling EF387 FTR Krefeld June 43 Paris Aug 43 - with others
114 F/Lt J P McKechnie RAF
115 F/Lt G Fallows RNZAF RAF
116 W/O C F Sinclair RAAF 460 Sqn Wellington Z1462 FTR Duisburg July 42  
117 W/O Trevor S Scales 601 Sqn Hurricane Z3264 FTR Rhubarb June 41 ditched in the Channel
118 W/O H I Munckton RAAF 460 Sqn Wellington Z1212 FTR Kassel Aug 42
119 W/O R V Flanagan RAAF RAF
120 W/O Glen S Ferrero RAAF 40 Sqn Wellington HX337 FTR Tobruk Aug 42 engine failure forced crew to bale out
121 F/O W J Lovell-Smith RNZAF RAF
122 W/O Keith F Clohessy RAAF 103 Sqn Lancaster ND420 FTR Gardening Apr 44 Herning, Denmark Apr 44
123 W/O B J Lewis RAAF RAF
124 W/O E W Howard RNZAF RAF
125 F/Lt N M Aitkin RNZAF RAF
126 W/O Norman W J Scott RNZAF 102 Sqn Whitley Z6842 FTR Hannover Aug 41 Leeuwarden Aug 41
127 W/O Tonkin RAAF RAF
128 W/O R G Bain RAAF 460 Sqn Lancaster PB152 FTR Stuttgart Oct 44
129 F/Lt Frederick G Given RAAF 460 Sqn Lancaster W4273 FTR Stuttgart Nov 42 Juvisy, France Nov 42
130 W/O Graham H Roberts RAAF 44 Sqn Lancaster R5905 FTR Wismar Sept 42 captured near Lenvik, Denmark two days later
131 W/O Thomas K Boord RAAF 427 Sqn Halifax EB242 FTR Remscheid July 43 near Elsen, Germany Aug 43
132 F/Lt P L Dixon RAAF 149 Sqn Wellington T2737 FTR Bremen July 41
133 W/O G Wilson RNZAF RAF
134 W/O Cecil M Ryan RAAF 458 Sqn
135 F/Lt R M Leu RAAF 112 Sqn Kittyhawk AL225 FTR Sidi Aziz June 42 force-landed near Sidi Aziz
136 F/Lt Peter Kingsford-Smith RAAF 138 SD Halifax W1012 FTR SOE/SIS mission Feb 43 near Bergerac Mar 43 with Hogg (1811)
137 W/O G M Maude RAAF 138 SD Stirling LJ999 FTR Mar 45
138 W/O Glen W King RAAF 463 Sqn Lancaster DV229 FTR Orleans June 44 near Le Mans June 44
139 W/O Hilton D R Rayment RNZAF 238 Sqn Middle East
140 F/Lt W R Jagger RNZAF 7 Sqn Stirling BF379 FTR Turin Dec 42
141 F/Lt Mervyn R Breed RNZAF 109 Sqn Mosquito DZ558 FTR Krefeld Feb 44 Brussels Feb 44 - with others
142 F/O Ronald C Noice RNZAF 405 Sqn
143 W/O H R Watkins RNZAF RAF
144 W/O L Hickson RAAF 12 Sqn Lancaster W4638 FTR Berlin Jan 43
145 F/Lt Roderick R Ferry RAAF 460 Sqn Wellington Z1413 FTR Stuttgart May 42 Eppe-Sauvage (Nord-Pas-de-Calais) May 42
146 F/O Colin W McLeod RAAF 460 Sqn Lancaster JB296 FTR Berlin Jan 44 shot down near St Malo - whole crew captured
147 Pte Michael P Coyle 6 Scottish Regt - 2 Canadian Div Dieppe Aug 42
148 F/Lt S E Thomson RAAF RAF
149 F/O Allen L Merkley RCAF 429 Sqn Halifax JD318 FTR Berlin Dec 43 Antwerp Apr 44
150 F/O H A M Clee RCAF 405 Sqn Halifax HR813 FTR Cologne July 43 Paris July 43 - with others
151 W/O J D Appleyard RAF
152 W/O J M Kirk RAF
153 F/Lt G R Foster RAF
154 W/O F G S Fox RCAF 40 Sqn Wellington FTR Naples Nov 41 ditched off Comiso, Sicily
155 W/O V Banks RCAF 428 Sqn Lancaster KB784 FTR Kiel Apr 45
156 F/Sgt E R Casey RAF
157 Capt Gordon Noel Money Seaforth Highlanders of Canada Mount Etna, Sicily Aug 43
158 Pte Charles E Leighton 5 Bn Gordon Highlanders St Valery-en-Caux June 40
159 Gnr N C Knights Royal Artillery, 50 Div Gazala May 42
160 Pte John G W Stothard Green Howards, 50 Div Bir Hakem June 42
161 WO1 E J Scott RCAF 156 Sqn Wellington BJ883 FTR Saarbrucken Sept 42 Limoges Sept 42 - interned - DetW
162 F/O George Thom RCAF 76 Sqn Halifax DT515 FTR Genova Nov 42 Argeles-sur-Mer Jan 43
163 WO1 Joseph N Roan RCAF 402 Sqn Spitfire BS429 FTR Circus Sept 42 near Bayonne Sept 42
164 W/O R H Masters RCAF 51 Sqn Halifax JD244 FTR Krefeld June 43 near Maiche (Doubs) Dec 43
165 F/O M Rabinovitch RCAF 429 Sqn Halifax LK995 FTR Frankfurt Nov 43 Brussels Feb 44
166 Capt Richard P Carr Long Range Desert Group, RA Msus Jan 42  
167 L/Cpl R J Young RCS
168 Tpr N F Carter Royal Gloucestershire Hussars
169 Pte J Gaull Gordon Highlanders
170 W/O D C McLeod RAF
171 F/Lt P C Hunt 296 Sqn  
172 W/O Leonard C Collins RAAF 149 Sqn Stirling N6082 FTR Bremen June 42 near Marsun, Friesland June 42
173 F/O K F Seage 100 Sqn Lancaster ND995 FTR Russelsheim Aug 44
174 W/O V J Hibbens RAF
175 W/O Peter S Kennedy RAAF 454 Sqn (MEC) Baltimore FTR Recce Oct 43 shot down near the island of Scarpanto
176 W/O N J Madigan RAF
177 F/O J M Vivash RAF
178 W/O Gordon N Johnston RCAF 424 Sqn Halifax LV910 FTR Metz June 44 Reims Aug 44
179 F/O Thomas W Dowbiggin RCAF 401 Sqn Spitfire MH483 FTR Ranger May 44 near Rouveroy, Belgium July 44
180 P/O John Acthim RCAF 50 Sqn Lancaster LL791 FTR Augsburg Feb 44 Pyrenees Apr 44 - with others
181 W/O Vincent G Montgomery 463 Sqn Lancaster LM242 FTR Darmstadt Sept 44
182 F/Lt V G Houchin 296 Sqn  
183 W/O R S Dutka RCAF RAF
184 W/O T P Ledwith RAF
185 F/Lt G A McCuster RAF
186 F/Lt G G Patterson RAF
187 F/Lt H R Train RAF
188 W/O Isaac Walker 620 Sqn Stirling BF511 FTR Essen July 43 Brussels Aug 43 - with others
189 F/Lt A E Ellis RAF
190 F/Lt Reginald S Giddey RAAF 467 Sqn Lancaster ED695 FTR Dusseldorf May 43 Paris Aug 43 - with others
191 Capt R H Howe Royal Tank Regt
192 Sqn/Ldr Philip J Lamason RNZAF 15 Sqn Lancaster LM575 FTR Massy-Palaiseau June 44 Paris July 44 - with others
193 F/Lt G Parker 40 Sqn  
194 F/Lt Alfred K Ogilvie 609 Sqn Spitfire X4664 FTR Circus July 41 baled out and captured near St Omer
195 L/Bdr G Hogan Royal Artillery
196 Dvr J Hogan Royal Artillery
197 W/O Geoffrey Thompson 142 Sqn Battle L5582 FTR Boulogne 23 Aug 40 Boulogne Aug 40
198 F/Lt K E Grey RAF
199 W/O Norman W Culblaith 108 Sqn MEC FTR Tobruk Sept 42 near Mersa Matruh Sept 42
200 Gnr Ayres LAA
201 Lt R A Weeks Worcestershire Regt Tobruk June 42  
202 Cpl A J Prince Corps of Military Police
203 W/O Alexander Ross 207 Sqn Manchester L7311 FTR Dusseldorf Aug 41 Aphoven, Holland Aug 41
204 W/O Thomas A Vermiglio 102 Sqn Whitley Z6829 FTR Hannover Aug 41
205 W/O K R F Kenworthy RAF
206 W/O Harry Cecil Gabbitas 83 Sqn Hampden AD912 FTR Cologne Sept 41 near Venlo, Holland Sept 41
207 Pte W H King Royal West Kent
208 Pte C A Heald 9 Div Australian Forces
209 Pte T S Samson Kensington Regt
210 Deck Boy William M Upton SS Glen Orchy off Tunis Aug 42 torpedoed by E-Boats between Malta and Tunis
211 W/O Arthur O Sharples 222 Sqn Spitfire AB801 FTR Circus Sept 41 baled out near St Omer and captured
212 W/O D White RAF
213 W/O J R Blake 144 Sqn Hampden AE265 FTR Mannheim Aug 41
214 W/O Lloyd G Robinson 97 Sqn Manchester L7424 FTR Berlin Aug 41 baled out near Stadtolhm and captured
215 Pte L S Raine Green Howards
216 Capt Desmond B Haslehurst 1 Bn Worcestershire Regt Tobruk June 42  
217 F/Lt Kenneth B Orr 272 Sqn Coastal Command FTR El Agheila Dec 41 crash-landed near Mersa El Brega
218 W/O Maurice E Holloway 37 Sqn MAAF Wellington FTR Roumania June 44 baled out near Zenta and captured
219 W/O A J Godwin RAF
220 Pte D Hall (Alias Grieves) Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
221 Dvr Ronald H P Larter RASC Bailleul May 40  
222 Gnr A E Scorey LAA
223 Lt Iain S Price Gordon Highlanders St Valery-en-Caux June 40
224 Rflmn Edgar W Downs 1 Bn Rifle Brigade Calais May 40
225 L/Cpl John McCulloch 5 Bn Gordon Highlanders St Valery-en-Caux June 40
226 Lt Allen R A Cocksedge Royal Inniskilling Fusliers near Dunkirk May 40
227 F/Lt M R Gummer 53 Sqn Coastal Command near Amsterdam May 42
228 Lt Gerald B Fisher 4 Royal Tank Regt Tobruk June 42  
229 Gnr John R Moore 11 Field Artillery, RA Mersa Matruh June 42  
230 F/Sgt Herbert Fisher 9 Sqn Lancaster ED871 FTR Berlin Nov 43 evaded in Germany until captured Nov 43
231 F/Lt M E S Dickerson RAF
232 W/O R E Durham RAF
233 Gdsmn Henry Smith 2 Bn Scots Guards Sidi Rezegh Nov 41
234 W/O Harry N F Rowe (1) 428 Sqn Halifax DK229 FTR Gelsenkirchen July 43 evaded near Cologne until captured July 43
235 F/Sgt N J Bradley 214 Sqn Fortress HB779 ** FTR BS mission Mar 45  
236 Pte L Stocks RAOC
237 W/O Frederick J Smith 107 Sqn Blenheim L9272 FTR Heligoland May 41 ditched north of Borkum and picked up next day
238 Pte H R W Thomson Royal West Kent
239 Cpl J T Walker RAF
240 W/O John L Smelling 620 Sqn Stirling EE905 FTR Remscheid July 43 Paris Sept 43 - with others
241 Gnr George Widdop HAC Gazala June 42
242 W/O Lawrence W Sadezky 83 Sqn
243 Sgt C P de F Bigg 97 Sqn Lancaster W4135 FTR Dusseldorf Jan 43
244 Gnr T H Williams Royal Artillery
245 Capt R F Parrott 31 Field Regt, RA, 4th Indian Div Halfaya Pass May 41  
246 Capt Charles B Noble RAMC Arnhem Sept 44
247 Lt C N Lawrence Somerset L I, No 7 Commando Serbia June 42
248 W/O P Holmes RAF
249 Fus P W H Walton Royal Fusiliers
250 Cpl J G Ballantine RAF  
251 W/O James F Perring 15 Sqn Stirling R9168 FTR Diepholz Dec 42 Epe Dec 42
252 Sgt Alfred R Amey 7 Para Bn AAC Normandy June 44 near Beaumont June 44
253 Lieut A L McCall Cameron Highlanders
254 1st Lt J N Robertson-Glasgow Royal Artillery SE of Darba June 42
255 Pte Thomas Joseph Kelly 1 Bn Gordon Highlanders St Valery-en-Caux June 40
256 P/O John Dubbury 489 Sqn Hampden FTR anti-shipping patrol May 43 ditched in North Sea off Norway
257 Tpr William D Venables 4 Hussars, Royal Armoured Corps Kalamata Apr 41
258 Lt Anthony P R Lance Holt Att'd 9 Bn Rifle Brigade Calais May 40
259 W/O O A Kirk RAF
260 Tpr A J Murphy Royal Armoured Corps
261 W/O George W Niblett 44 Sqn Hampden AE382 FTR Dunkirk Oct 41 Hardervijk Oct 41 with his Dutch hosts …
262 W/O Peter R Tebbutt 44 Sqn Hampden X3049 FTR Gardening Dec 40 Reims Dec 40
263 F/Lt Geoffrey T Dodgshun 115 Sqn Wellington P9297 FTR Dinant May 40 Givet May 40
264 Pte J W Murphy Queen's Royal Regt Arnhem Sept 44
265 Pte Ronald Dixon 133 Para Field Ambulance
266 Lt J G Woodwark Royal Norfolk Regt
267 Pte L Binns York and Lancs Regt
268 AC1 G H Kelly RAF
269 W/O Reginald C Wash 76 Sqn Halifax L9530 FTR Berlin Aug 41 captured soon after landing near Hamburg
270 F/O K Middlemast RAF
271 F/Lt Kenneth W Chapman 15 Sqn Lancaster LM575 FTR Massy-Palaiseau June 44 Paris July 44 - with others
272 W/O Wilfred Harrison 149 Sqn Wellington W5439 FTR Dusseldorf June 41 whole crew captured near Amsterdam
273 W/O Raymond W Perry 466 Sqn Halifax LV943 FTR Mantes-la-Jolie May 44 Paris Aug 44 - with others
274 W/O D L Frost RAF
275 F/O D G Smith RAF
276 W/O Ashley W A Bruce RNZAF 419 Sqn Halifax JD147 FTR Wuppertal June 43 Bordeaux July 43 - with others
277 W/O George J Officer RAAF 450 Sqn MEC
278 F/Lt G A Kennedy RAF
279 F/Lt H G Coldbeck RAF
280 F/Lt C W E Cameron RAF
281 W/O D C Hannaford RAF
282 F/O E C Hocking RAF
283 W/O J A Ganley 454 Sqn MEC  
284 W/O Wilfred Hodgson 90 Sqn Stirling EF509 FTR SOE mission May 44 near Parthenay May 44 with Cochran (987)
285 W/O N Willington RAF
286 W/O R C Grey RAF
287 F/Lt J Lietke RAF
288 F/Lt J B Herman RAF
289 W/O Ronald T Clark RNZAF 75 Sqn Lancaster ND802 FTR Aachen May 44 Antwerp Aug 44
290 W/O Frank B Shaw RAAF 460 Sqn Lancaster W4320 FTR Wuppertal June 43 Limbourg, Belgium June 43
291 W/O Robert Sherman RAAF 460 Sqn Wellington Z1462 Duisburg July 42 near Gelden, Holland July 42
292 W/O Bernard S Haines RAAF 514 Sqn Lancaster DS784 FTR Mannheim Nov 43 Liege Nov 43
293 F/Lt G Lindsay RAF
294 W/O Colin E Bayliss RAAF 103 Sqn Lancaster W4820 FTR Munich Dec 42 Tours station Jan 43
295 W/O Alexander M Thomas RAAF 463 Sqn Lancaster LM571 FTR Prouville June 44 Longchamps *** - with others
296 W/O A C Cameron RAF
297 F/Lt Charles R Norton RAAF 156 Sqn Lancaster JA858 FTR Mannheim Sept 43 Metz Oct 43
298 W/O Ronald E Dolby RAAF 466 Sqn Wellington HE530 FTR Dortmund May 43 near Zwolle, Holland May 43
299 F/O S W Sambell RAF
300 Sqn/Ldr Lorraine J Simpson RAAF 460 Sqn Lancaster JB296 FTR Berlin Jan 44 near Rennes Feb 44
** denotes an aircraft that returned to the UK
(1) W/O Rowe was originally entered as Harvey N F Rowe (as per his report) until this error was pointed out to me by his son Gregory