This page contains a collection of photographs that relate to the story of Conscript Heroes. Most were found in my father's own photograph album. Some are inscribed on the reverse and others had annotations in the album. I have included as much information as possible with each picture but I am hoping that some readers may be able to add more.

The pictures are displayed at their original size but some can be enlarged by clicking on them
This page updated 11 Feb 2018
This picture of Peter Scott Janes was taken 12 August 1941 for his ID card in the name of Pierre Bertichon. It is inscribed on the back "Souvenir d'une Francaise que pense a vous. Mathilde."
This picture of Solange Devise (not mentioned in the book) is dated February 1940
This picture of Mme Emma Bodlet, her daughter Mathilde, Peter Janes and Yvonne's daughter Anne Marie (Marie-Jo) was taken at 200 rue d'Alsace Lorraine on 28 June 1940. My dad had been there just two days and still has his moustache
This picture of Yvonne Francois, Emma Decolberte
and Emma Bodlet is dated 27 June 1940
Gilberte Guilbert, Peter Janes, Barbara Macleod, Helene Macleod and Arthur Fraser. The picture is dated 1 January 1941 and was taken behind the Macleod family home at rue Wagner, St Pierre-les-Auchel
Mathilde Bodlet in Roubaix in February 1941
Yvonne Francois, Fred Wilkinson, George Pearson and Jeannine Boussiesse in April 1941
Louisa Gournay, Peter Janes and
Yvonne Francois in April 1941
Fred Wilkinson, Yvonne Francois, Jeannine Boussiesse and Peter Janes in April 1941
Yvonne Francois, Fred Wilkinson, Bernadette, Peter Janes and Gilberte Guilbert at Sains-les-Pernes in April 1941
Fred Wilkinson, George Pearson and Peter Janes in May 1941. George stayed behind when the others left for Spain in September 1941. He was arrested the following year and is believed to have been responsible for the subsequent arrests of the Macleod family and Yvonne Francois
Peter Janes, Yvonne Francois, Fred Wilkinson, Marcelle Cruppe and Gilberte Guilbert in May 1941
Peter Janes and Jeanne Devise in May 1941
The next four pictures were taken at Arthur Gournay's farm at Locon. Arthur later married Berthe Cruppe. Berthe had been married to Arthur's brother Emile but he was killed in 1940. The location of Corné-Malo was identified for me by Marie-Helene Gournay, daughter of Arthur and Berthe, and confirmed by her aunt Marcelle. M Jean Eviad does not feature in the book - he was a cousin of the Gournay family who happened to be visiting that day
Yvonne Francois, Marcelle Cruppe, Fred Wilkinson, Jean Eviad, Gilberte Guilbert and Peter Janes at Locon in May 1941
Yvonne Francois, Berthe Gournay (née Cruppe) Gilberte Guilbert, Fred Wilkinson, Jean Eviad and Peter Janes at Locon in May 1941
Peter Janes, Jean Eviad, Fred Wilkinson, Marcelle Cruppe, Berthe Gournay (née Cruppe) and Gilberte Guilbert at Locon in May 1941
Fred Wilkinson, Jean Eviad, Peter Janes, Berthe Gournay, Yvonne Francois and Gilberte Guilbert at Locon in May 1941
Fred Wilkinson, Louisa Gournay (brother of Emile and Arthur mentioned above) and Peter Janes at Louisa's farm at Sains-les-Pernes in May 1941
Qui est la blonde? That's my father holding the duck, and on the right are Yvonne and Gilberte, but who is the girl in the centre? On the back of the photo it says "For Peter from Lucy" (presumably Lucienne - see below) and my father has added "Sains-les-Pernes 1941"
In September 2007 Yvette Demyttenaere wrote to me saying she was the daughter of Alfred and Yvonne Francois, and enclosed this picture, which includes the mystery blonde. I don't know who the man second from the left is either ...
Fred Wilkinson, M Decolberte, Peter Janes and Mme Decolberte in June 1941
Fred Wilkinson, Amie Blondel and Peter Janes in June 1941
Peter Janes with Doreen in June 1941
Yvonne Francois, Fred Wilkinson, Peter Janes and Gilberte Guilbert at Sains-les-Pernes in June 1941
Jeanne Devise in June 1941
Mme Delcolberte, Fred Wilkinson, M Decolberte and Peter Janes in July 1941
Gilberte Guilbert, Peter Janes, Amie Blondel, Yvonne Francois and Fred Wilkinson in August 1941
M et Mme Decolbert in August 1941
Peter Janes, Yvonne Francois, Anne Marie (Marie-Jo) Francois and Fred Wilkinson in August 1941
Peter Janes with Anne Marie (Marie-Jo) in August 1941
The Whyght (sic) family at 82 rue Savenoal, Lillers in February 1940.
Peter Janes spent his last night in the Pas-de-Calais at their home
before leaving for Spain on Monday 1 September 1941.
Some years earlier, Edouard Reniere in Belgium had suggested to me that the address should read 82 rue de Saint-Venant but it wasn't until February 2018 that Jean Michel Dozier of Wambrechies found that IS9 had the family Huyghe-Dark as living at this address.
This picture, or more likely the negative, of Gilberte Guilbert (date unknown) was taken back to England by Peter Janes in January 1942
The next three pictures were apparantly sent to England after the
war by a lady named Lucienne. I have no idea who Lucienne is ...
In August 2010, Paul Wattelle wrote to me from Pressy les Pernes suggesting
that Lucienne may have been Lucienne Feitve, the wife of Arthur Feitve
who was killed in Sains les Pernes on 3 September 1944.
In August 2016, Sue Poulson (a present-day friend of Yvonne Francois' daughter, Marie-Jo Collier) suggested that Lucienne was Lucienne Pruvost. She says that Mlle Pruvost (who is listed by IS9 as living in Lillers) was recruiting people for the resistance, which was how she met Yvonne.

Peter and Freddie
This snap is a "document of war"
To Peter's mother with love.
From Lucienne
Aout 1945

Juin 1945
Here is Yvonne.
To Peter's mother in remembrance of the dark days. From one of Peter's French friends
with best love

Juillet 1945
Here is myself.
To my dear British friend, Peter Scott,
in remembrance of the dark horror.

This picture of Peter Janes with Yvonne Francois and her husband Albert, was taken at Auchel in September 1946. On 10 August 1942, the Oberfeldkommandantur at Arras had sentenced Yvonne to seven years imprisonment on charges of "intelligence avec les anglais" and listening to British radio. She was sent to various prisons in Germany until her release from the women's prison at Hambourg-Fuhlsbüttel on 21 May 1945.
I have no idea who this lady is - can anybody help ...
I believe this is the same lady as above ...

Famille Bodlet, nos deaux fille marie chacun 3
enfants. Notre petite fille, prenomee Pierrette,
agee de 4 ans et demie dans les bras du pere

In August 2014, Caroline Thellier emailed to say she was Pierrette's daughter and that her mother was born in 1947. That would date this and the picture below as being taken in about 1951.

Mes deux fille il y a 1 ans maintenant, chacun
trois enfants, et notre souer Yvonne 6 enfants,
un garcon la semaine derniere. M et Mde Bodlet

Solange and Alfred Bodlet with two of their siblings.
This picture sent by Mde Bodlet c. 1950