These are articles about WW2 escape and evasion generally. Some of them - and much more - can also be found on the Articles page of the main Conscript Heroes website. Please note that most of the information is about escape and evasion in western Europe - I just don't have enough facts to write about escapes from other theatres of war such as Scandinavia, Italy, the Aegean, Greece, the Middle East, Burma or Asia. Contributions from readers are welcomed ...
NB. Details and articles about the Pat O'Leary (PAO) escape line are on the Conscript Heroes site.
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Crossing from Pierrefitte-Nestalas - on 12 June 1944, three USAAF airmen set off from Pierrefitte-Nestalas (Haute-Pyrenees)
Françoise - a list of men helped by the Françoise Dissard organisation in 1944
Françoise - Partis vers le 10 Fev et fin de Fev 1944 - eleven military evaders who set off to cross the Pyrenees to Puigcerda
Françoise - Partis vers le 10 et 13 Mars 1944
Françoise - Partis vers le 18 Avril et 5 Mai 1944 - twelve Allied aircrew who set off to cross the Pyrenees from Aspet
Françoise - Partis vers le 30 Mai - four Allied servicemen, who crossed the Pyrenees in two separate parties to Canejan
Françoise - Paris vers 7 Juin - the last five men listed as being helped by the Françoise Dissard organisation
Crossing to Bossost - on 25 March 1944, sixteen Allied aircrew set off to cross the Pyrenees to Bossost in Spain
Crossing from Tarbes - on 27 January 1944, seven USAAF airmen set off from Tarbes to cross the Pyrenees
Archie Barlow continued - with some Marie-Odile, Jean-Marie and Françoise connections
The Robert Crosby Group - and some Françoise and Marie-Odile connections
Furniss-Roe Again ! - this time with help from the Françoise and Marie-Odile organisations
The Marie-Claire escape line - an account of the men helped by Mary Lindell and her Marie-Claire organisation
Operations Envious and Felicitate - twenty-one allied aircrew brought back from Brittany by RN Motor Gun Boat in 1943
The Oaktree Line - an account of the evaders helped, and some of the people who made it possible
Prisoners at Sort - a list of people held at the Prison de Sort in Catalonia throughout the war - by Josep Calvet
Chemin de la Liberté 2016 - dedicated to Scott Goodall MBE
Escape from the Nazis - by Emma Behr
Detachment W - the Allied servicemen who were interned in France before being sent to Italy as POWs
The Trap at l'Eglise de Pantin - eighteen evaders captured in a German trap on 17 December 1943
The Breiz-Izel - fourteen evaders brought back from Douarnenez in an operation financed by Georges Broussine
They came from Burgundy - Chapter 58 - The Girl in the Blue Beret - and two more evaders captured
The Final Days of the John Carter Organisation - the organisation in Lyon that operated from August 1942 until January 1944
They came from Burgundy - Chapter 44 - The Adventures of Lt Glickman
Chemin de la Liberté 2015 - A Personal Account
They came from Burgundy - Chapter 40 - Some Mlle Bourgeois, Bordeaux, Dahlia and Felix Connections
They came from Burgundy - Chapter 28 - The Loss of Sgt Peacock
They came from Burgundy - Chapter 06 - Some Pat Line and Oaktree Connections
Escape - by Sergeant Henry Foster
They came from Burgundy - A study of the Bourgogne escape line - Introduction
Honouring Dr Jean-Claude Réveillaud - by Chris Bolton
Suzanne-Renée - nineteen evaders returned from Brittany by Jean-Claude Camors and the Bordeaux-Loupiac organisation
Jouets-des-Flots - ship-wreck and disaster off the Brittany coast
F/Lt George Duffee - by George Duffee DFC
Dad's Army - by George Newton
John Wainwright Hopkins - by Edward Stourton
Frédérique Dupuis - the real Miss Richards
A Soldier's Story - by Berna L Johnston
Reseau Francois-Shelburn - the Paris operation of the Shelburn escape line
The 'Classic' Comete Route - the St-Jean-de-Luz passage across the Pyrenees to Spain
ANZAC Escapers from Crete - one part of the story of escapers from Crete
The Dog House - the false safe house in Brussels that was run by Belgian V-Mann Prosper Dezitter
The Ghost Train - the 1,370 prisoners who were saved from deportation to Germany by Belgian railway workers
Escapers from Germany - stories of the men who escaped from German POW camps
Comete Alternative Passages - the Bidarray, Larressore and Souraïde routes across the Pyrenees to Spain
Elisabeth Barbier - her work with the Oaktree escape line
A Journey into the Unknown - evasion from Germany by Bill Dennstedt and Darlene Gordon
The Joe Balfe Escape Line - details of the evasion network at Hornoy le Bourg (Somme) and Amiens
Escape and Evasion in China - advice from the US BEE Bulletins
Daisy in the Sky - the story of 2/Lt James S Frederick's 1944 evasion in France - by Scott Frederick
The Chauny Escape Line - details of the men helped by Etienne Dromas and his Chauny organisation
Early Escapers - some escapers who got back before the escape lines were established
Tail End Charlie - how four crewmen from a B-17 were helped to safety - by Dominique Lecomte
World War Two and Beyond - a P-47 pilot brought home courtesy of SOE - by Ken Williams
Shelburn - a list of servicemen brought out on the five Bonaparte and two Crozier operations
Evasion in Brittany - Louis Nouveau and the Pat Line connection
Evasion in Brittany - the Oaktree Mission of Val Williams and Ray Labrosse
Evasion in Brittany - the Shelburn escape line
Bourgogne - a list of servicemen helped by Georges Broussine's Bourgogne escape line
Operation Sherwood - a list of servicemen sheltered in the Freteval forest by MI9 Mission Marathon